Power Buy Member Application Enquiry

Terms and Conditions of Power Buy Member Application

Q: What is the Power Buy member application process? Where can customers contact? What documents are required from the customers?

Customers can apply for membership at any Power Buy membership service counter. For more information, please contact 1324  everyday, 24 hours. To check your application status, please contact 1324

Documents required include:

A payroll employee:
1. A copy of ID
2. A payroll slip of the latest salary month or a certificate of employment indicatingyour position, salary and duration of employment
3. A copy of bank book with 6-month statement starting from the current month (in case of cash loan application, please attach a copy of the first page of bank book to which you want the money to be transferred.)

A business owner:
1. A copy of ID
2. A copy of registration certificate of business/company/ limited partnership or a copy of value added tax registration
3. A copy of bank book with 6-month statement starting from the current month you apply for the membership

For more information, please visit https://www.powerbuycard.com/home/applynow.html

Membership Privilege

Q: What are the privileges of Power Buy members?

The privileges include:
- Installment payment
- Installment payment with a special promotion
- Discount and special promotion
- Easy pay with maximum 36-month installment payment

For more information, please visit 

Membership Renewal

Q: How can customers renew membership?

For any enquiries regarding Power Buy Card, please contact Power Buy Membership Center at 1324  everyday, 24 hours.