Addition service ( Extra charge )

  • Checking Air-Condition system *(Electrical circuit of Air-con)
  • Spray Ozone *(Anti-virus)
  • Remove and install water drain of Air-con *(option)
    (service charge depend on pipe length)
  • For more information, please call 1324 (08.00 AM - 10.00 PM).

Term and service condition 
Customer can purchase air-cleaning coupon and paid at power Buy counter service all store. 
Customers can booking service period (date- time) by call to contact center at 1324 days include holiday (08:00-10:00 PM). We will record your booking schedule in our system and call reminds to you or sends SMS to customers who can’t contact via phone. The customers can purchase air-cleaning coupon at Power Buy store, www.powerbuy.co.th and Call contact center.

The customers can paid service charge by bank transfer and send copy to  [email protected]. We will send invoice document to you after payment complete. We will call alert to customers for remind service schedule that refer customer’s information. Service working period 7 days (08:00-19:00 PM Include holiday).

Air - con cleaning service rate

The air-con cleaning service rate start 590 baht /unit include traveling fee that coverage area BKK.
The traveling range 1-50 KM free that start from power Buy store to customer’s home. If travelling over 50KMhas additional charge 10 baht per KM.
Remark: The out of service condition; Dangerous zone  or can’t travelling by van.    

Working process and exception condition

Air-con cleaning service

  • Cleaning filter unit and cooling coil unit in room
  • Cleaning drain pipe and drain tray slot in cooling unit
  • Check fan unit for lubrication bearing fan
  • Cleaning condensing unit (outdoor unit)
  • Check cooling unit ‘s temperature and electric system
  • Check air-con refrigerant level
  • Exception to service with Air-con unit that broken or failure
  • Exception to cleaning service Air-con 4 ways system and air chiller system

Air - con cleaning service rate by  BTU  / Type