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TV Wall Mount - easy to install and inexpensive

Nowadays, a TV becomes one of the basic human needs that every household must have. Back then, we used to call a TV as a cathode ray tube TV (CRT TV), which has a thick body. In present day, it evolves into a flat screen that ranges from a small screen to a very large one. When TV becomes flat, we don’t have to place it in traditional ways such as placing it on a desk or a TV stand anymore. A lot of people today choose to hang their TV on the wall, using the equipment called ‘TV wall mount’. Hanging TV on the wall will give you a great and enjoyable watching experience. The facts that the Flat Screen TVs are increasingly dominant in the market, be it HDTVs or Plasma TV, makes people choose to hang their TVs more and more. In fact, it is pretty easy to install and is inexpensive as well.

Advantage of TV Wall Mount

Hanging TV can save up a lot of space to get the most out of limited area. TV wall mount is suitable for narrow space such as a condominium room. If you use a TV stand, it may require a lot of space in your room. Using TV wall mount will give you a full usable area with no additional desks or TV stands.

You can change TV angle to align with your points of view (POV). In most TV wall mounts, you can adjust a TV angle. Some models can be rotated up to 360 degree giving you more POVs, which is different from placing a TV on desk that will give you a single fixed POV. Moreover, TV wall mount can be used as a decoration. Putting a TV in the proper position will make your room look grand and elegant. You can easily install TV wall mount in any kind of room, be it cafeteria, meeting room, hospital, entertainment venue, restaurant, or various types of exhibitions. TV wall mount will put TV on the right angle and give viewer a clearer picture. Besides, it is very easy to clean as well.

However, you should take these points into consideration before buying a TV wall mount. First, there are various types of TV wall mount such as low profile, cantilever mount, tilting, and articulating mount. Depending on a customer’s preference and objective of use. Most importantly, you have to choose a durable material with certified standard. Next, do not ignore a reflection. You have to ensure that you’ve placed a TV in an area that a light or sunlight won’t reflect on its display. For safety, you have to put it far from heat and humidity such as faucet, fish tank, rice cooker, stove, gas stove, or the area that sunlight can directly reach because it will shorten your TVs’ lifetime. Last, don’t forget about an untidy wiring problem, especially when your room have other equipments such as sound bar, home theater set, Blu-ray player, and many more.

After you choose the right place in your house to put a TV, in the next step, we will share a good TV usage tips for the best, safest, and most enjoyable watching experience.

• Don’t drill an electric cable hole in the wall at the same line as sockets, signal cable, or antenna plug. Because there is a chance that you’ll drill into electrical wire or signal wire

• Stainless steel cloth hanger is a good choice to help you to run electrical wire through the wall

• Buying electrical wire class 2 or 3 will save your time when you want to shift wiring placement

• If you hang your TV above sockets, you don’t have to run a new electrical wire

• To hide your electrical wire, you have to drill a hole at the back of TV placement and beneath a wall

• TV wire won’t have an effect on signal wire

• If you have someone to help you holding a mount and lifting a TV, installation will be easier

• The easiest way to find a wall stud is to use a stud finder