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TV Cable - high-quality

Whether you are using satellite receivers or antennas, it is necessary to be able to watch the channels with a quality as good as expected. However, the satellite receivers and antennas are only signal receivers. We need to connect them to a monitor or TV screen to see the image and hear the sound using a TV cable. It is necessary to use a high-quality TV cable, which is durable and long-lasting with a suitable warranty period. There are many factors you should consider to achieve the optimal performance of a TV cable including Ohm resistance, cable length, cable type, and cable sheath. All of these factors must meet the environment condition where the installation and wiring are going to take place. There are a wide variety of brands to choose from, but it is not necessary to only select a famous one. Nowadays, the manufacturing process of TV cables is more standardized while the price is very economical. There is a wide range of TV cable types to choose from based on your utilization.

Component cable for complete image signal

Component cable is a TV cable for displaying images only. There are three internal cables including Y cable (green), Pb cable (blue) and Pr cable (red). The separation of the three internal cables is for the distributed responsibilities to make a better color pigment. As this type of cable is only responsible for displaying images, you will also need to connect the AV cable (white and red) for sound.

AV cable for full video and audio signals

The RCA connector is commonly used to carry audio and video (AV) signals. The name RCA derives from the Radio Corporation America. Most of the RCA connectors use yellow cable for a composite video that includes the brightness (Y = Luminance) and the color (C = Chrominance). There are two types of RCA connector. The first type of RCA connector has a long male connector extended from the connector. The second type, which is also called a BNC, has an internal male connector that can mount firmly into the jack. Red and white cables are the standard analog audio cable, a red cable for the right (R) audio channel and a white cable for the left (L) channel. The quality of this type of cable is not very high, but it is widely used.

DVI digital hybrid cable

DVI or Digital Visual Interface can connect to both TVs and computers. It is a digital signal receiver whose sharpness is transmitted better than the original port types. DVI uses the digital signal transmission to increase the image sharpness since it can better tolerate noises. In fact, DVI is a mix of analog and digital interfaces. The DVI can be divided into three groups including DVI-D (only sends a digital signal), DVI-A (only sends an analog signal), and DVI-I (sends both digital and analog signals). In general, a graphics card that has a DVI port is usually DVI-I type. This makes it possible for the converter to select some analog lines and send the transmitted signal through VGA. It does not convert anything, so indeed the benefit of a digital signal is disregarded.

HDMI cable, high definition with superior standard

HDMI or High Definition Multimedia Interface integrates digital audio and video transmission into a single cable. This eliminates the need to connect multiple cables, which is confusing and messy. HDMI cable delivers high definition images with high sharpness and full surrounded sound. It supports the latest digital audio systems. The main purpose of HDMI is for the ultimate entertainment and the convenience of customers. The size and shape of an HDMI connector are similar to a USB connector in computers, but it is slightly larger. The exceptional features of HDMI cable are its abilities to connect audio, video, and network. It also supports a wider color range that delivers a sharper and more realistic image. Today, most devices are designed to be compatible with HDMI cables, for example, OLED TVs, LED TVs, and home theater systems. Power Buy offers a wide variety of TV cable options where the price and the quality of the cable may vary based on the material. Let Power Buy answer all of your entertainment essentials today.