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Digital TV & Android Box

Ways of watching have considerably changed over time and technology. Nowadays we have various channels to watch TV, both Digital TV and Satellite TV, even a video on demand services that allows users to playback any videos at any time, such as Netflix, LINE TV or YouTube; which became a rich source of video. From a small group of users who has to watch a video on the computer, now it has been developed to facilitate the viewing or enjoy it easier since we live in the era of smartphones, that giving us access to media anytime and anywhere via the internet. One of the devices that we must be mentioned is an Android TV box and an Android TV, which an absolute entertainment with internet to access all of your favorite movies and music. For those of you, who are not familiar with Android TV and Android Box, let see what these technology platforms are about. 

An Android TV box is simply a TV box running the Android OS. This is the same operating system that running on your smartphones such as Samsung Galaxy and True Smart. However, the Android OS has been adapted to change the UI to use with TV via remote control because most of the television does not support a touchscreen command like on a smartphone. 

Android TV Box was designed to support Media Player Box through the processing of CPU/GPU and the powerful Android OS. Moreover, the design of an Android TV box is inspired by leading manufacturers such as Apple TV and Roku TV (in the US), which developed to support the users who use the same application on their Android smartphones. That means users do not have to spend time learning to use a new thing on TV. However, the operating system of an Android box is not designed for TV at the beginning, so it can't run every app and does not support touchscreen command like on a smartphone, but the manufacturer has developed into the main menu to use even if you have to work through the remote control as well.

Apple has their Apple TV for a long time, so Google designed an Android TV for itself. For uses to order the application easier and more suitable on TV, but the Android TV's platform still, has just a few application and cannot be installed and run the same application on Android smartphone like an Android TV Box. 

In summary, an Android Box or full name Android TV Box is an amazing box. It will increase the TV's capabilities and make a regular TV to be used almost the same as a computer or even make a TV Digital become a Smart TV with a simple price and that's why an Android TV box has become one of a popular device. 

So which one should you buy between Android TV and Android box? 

Both have the same purpose, to increase the choice of entertainment on TV. But there are different functions and formats to use. 

- If you want to use the same application that works on the Smartphone and have a limited budget then choose Android box! 

- But if you want to use the flow software that is originally designed by Google, and like Google cast feature (Chromecast built-in) and looking for a new television; Android TV should be more appropriate.