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As television has been continuously developed to the 4K generation, we cannot use the same television endlessly. Of course, the adaptation is required for the upcoming technology to efficiently support a variety of usage and better the quality of life.

OLED TV is a highly popular television that provides an excellent screen and various features. It is not exaggerating to claim that this is an era of the OLED. The design of the OLED combines the strengths of LCD, LED, and Plasma television. Moreover, the OLED conceals the weaknesses of those televisions. The screen of OLED is outstanding as it requires less power consumption compared with Plasma, while the illumination is equal to LCD and LED and more than Plasma. On the other hand, OLED is better in terms of pixels compared to LCD and LED. Each pixel produces its own illumination. This technique is similar to pixels of Plasma TV, therefore it can get rid of Backlight unit technique. Furthermore, the pixels are able to manage its illumination independently in Sub-pixel (RGB) level, for instance, switch on and off, and control brightness. It is no doubt that the OLED displays a better picture quality compared to LCD and LED.

By self-lighting pixels, OLED provides a virtually realistic viewing experience and energy-saving with excellent clear motion. With the technology that allows pixels to control its own lighting, OLED can deliver Perfect Black, which creates the perfect shades of black. The highlight of self-lighting pixels is its ability to display an excellent screen in 180° view angle and create a realistic dimension. OLED offers great color accuracy and natural color shades while LED produces the extreme brightness that distorts the original color from a backlight. OLED is a thousand times faster in terms of response time compared to LED and allows the adjustment of the UHD resolution up to 6 levels. With 4K Upscaler technology, all movements have a better motion clarity and less blur motion since each pixel is able to cover up a leaked light. On the other hand, LED uses backlights shining behind a panel, making it unable to produce the perfect blacks. At this point, most of the top IT companies prefer to change their screens to OLED.

QLED screen is the future of television that has an outstanding design, gorgeous picture quality, and vibrant color. QLED TV stands for Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diode TV. It is the latest innovation in television industry that uses quantum dot technology to replace the former diode technology. There are several advantages such as its vivid color that feels like watching real life at every angle and it can even express 100% color volume no matter the room is dark or brightly lit. The color volume is the key point of QLED. In addition, the QLED image in QLED supports HDR technology, or High-Dynamic Range, that provides the ability to details both the brightest white and darkest black. Aside from a television, a smartphone also applies HDR technology in order to display precisely color volume and shade of a screen better. As the result, this technology renders the more beautiful image than usual. The resolution is up to HDR 1500, which is close to what the human eye sees, keeping details clear. OLED and QLED televisions are available at both high price and cheaper price. You can buy it now in Power Buy at all the range of prices.