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Regardless of which society on earth you are from, if we talk about movie watching experience, you must have heard about 4K resolution (or simply 4K), a new standard for a screen resolution. It is not an unforeseeable future as it has already been widely used and is becoming increasingly popular.

Fascinating cinema standard with an incredibly high resolution that supports widescreen.

4K resolution, also referred to as Ultra High Definition (UHD), is a new standard for screen resolution and content. The 'K' in '4K' stands for 'Kilo' or one thousand. The actual resolution of a 4K screen is 3840 x 2160 pixels, which is equivalent to a total of 8.29 megapixels or millions of dots on the screen. By rounding up the resolution width of 3840 to 4000 (or 4K), we simply call it a  4K resolution. Originally, a High Definition (HD) resolution was a common standard for broadcasting digital media (1366 x 768 pixels), but recently screen technology has improved to a Full HD standard (1920 x 1080 pixels) and now to a dominant Ultra HD or 4K (3840 x 2160) standard. By comparing different types of screen resolution, we can see that 4K technology offers sharpest picture quality with four times the resolution of standard HD.

The many utilities of 4K create a realistic, high-quality perception.

For those who are wondering whether the higher number of pixels can reflect the actual improvement in terms of image quality when perceiving with one's own eye, we can guarantee that everyone must be able to feel and see the difference clearly. Since 4K UHD TVs have more dots or pixels than older models, those dots can be packed more closely to each other, making the pixel arrangement more compact than ever before. This reduces jaggies or a staircase effect as well as screen-door effects, the visible thin lines that separate pixels. As a result, the display image becomes sharper and smoother, enabling the viewer to experience a higher quality media with details enhancement. The viewer won't be frustrated with low image quality and they can now also sit closer to the screen.

Image upscaling, a solution for resolution adjustment.

If you own a Full HD screen or television, some of the models may allow you to adjust the resolution close to that of 4K UHD TVs. If you would like to watch your favorite show in a 4K resolution, it is now possible. With details enhancement and noise reduction in 4K technology, you will no longer have to worry about a blurry image that may spoil your movie watching experience.

Modern media require powerful projection device.

The dominant 4K resolution is becoming more abundant in the movie industry. It is growing into a new standard as movie making equipment and home entertainment appliance have adopted a 4K technology to manufacture products like 4K cameras and 4K projectors. Even if there was a struggle in terms of price when 4K screens were first launched, the price has now reduced to a reasonable rate. Furthermore, 4K UHD TVs are now supporting 4K Blu-Ray content as well as Virtual Reality (VR) technology. An interesting 4K UHD TV example is Sharp TV UHD LED (LC-50UA6800X model), a 50-inch smart TV that comes with the latest HDR standards, giving you a vividly detailed perception and an enjoyable cinema experience. Another intriguing choice is Philips TV UHD LED (50PUT6002S model). Not only does it ship with the 4K technology, the device design is modern, providing clearest picture quality as well as excellent audio quality. You may want to juice up your TV experience with Samsung Curve TV (MU6300 model) that allows you to indulge each detail clearly. Anything you watch on this TV will be more clear with the rich brightness and color tone. Escape from your daily chaos and take a break, relax, have fun, and be part of the new world at Power Buy. We will deliver and ensure all the amenities in your