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Tips for choosing the best portable speaker that fits your needs

A portable speaker is a device that lets you enjoy listening to music from your smartphones or tablets through a wireless connection. BOSE, JBL, and SONY design various models of a portable speaker with built-in Bluetooth. It includes the models that are easy-to-use, economical, high-quality, and even waterproof.

Portable speaker for different locations  

Location is said to be the most vital factor in speaker selection. As the characteristic of each location directly determines the suitable type of speakers, which come in various sizes as follows.

Mini speakers — suitable for 1 - 2 audience in a confined small space such as a bedroom. You should sit no further than 1 meter from a speaker. However, if you are using it outdoors, it is best to put the speaker very close to you for the best sound quality.

Small speaker — suitable for 3 - 6 people in a tiny- or a medium-sized room of around 10 - 20 square meters, such as a bedroom or a living room in a condominium. It is also suitable for 5 - 6 people to sit around the speaker outdoors. They can even sit as far as 2 - 3 meters away from the speaker and still hear a good sound quality.

Medium speaker — suitable for 5 - 10 people in a small area of 20 - 25 square meters such as a kitchen, a living room, or a bedroom. You can use it to entertain your guests at a party as well.

Large speaker — suitable for 10 - 20 people in a space as large as 30 - 40 square meters such as a large living room. It can be placed outdoor next to the pool to hype up the crowd at a party. Even when you are not standing next to the speaker, you can still clearly hear the sound.  

The frequency of carrying a speaker  

The size of a speaker is also another crucial factor for speaker selection. Generally, if you always carry a speaker with you, it is better to choose a small speaker. However, it should not be too small that it cannot produce a desirable sound volume. Some of the considerations are as follows.

Carry a speaker frequently and drive a car — if this is the case, a medium or a large speaker is suitable because you only need to take the speaker from the vehicle to the destination, which is usually just a small distance.

Carry a speaker frequently, but not driving a car. A small to a medium speaker may be more suitable than a large speaker as it is easier to carry inside of a backpack.

Selection based on daily usag

Location near water — when using a portable speaker near water such as inside a bathroom, next to a swimming pool, or at the beach. These locations have a high risk of destroying the speaker since people may use their wet hands to touch it.

Dust, mud, and sand — the most troublesome location are at the beach as it is quite easy for sand to enter the speaker. Placing a speaker inside the woods is also risky as the mud may damage it.

Next, we would like to recommend speakers that are worth the price and meets all your needs.

JBL Clip 2 is your best buddy through rain and water. It is specifically designed to please the customers who prefer small, portable, and beautifully designed speaker. Its best characteristic is its ability to resist water at IPX7 level. With its long battery life that lasts up to 8 hours and its great 5W output power, the quality is worth the price. Besides a Bluetooth connection, there is also an AUX port.

JBL Flip 4 comes with the exceptional water resistant feature and high-quality sound output. For a mid-range price Bluetooth speaker, JBL Flip 4 provides a terrific and powerful sound quality. The 80W double speakers give a loud and beautiful sound while a battery can last up to 12 hours. JBL Flip 4 can undoubtedly boost up your party atmosphere. With its IPX7 water resistant feature, it is even possible to place the speaker underwater. Additional features include the available AUX and USB ports. Using it for phone calls is also excellent as it can reduce the surrounding noises. With JBL Connect+ functionality, JBL Flip 4 can play 100 pieces of music simultaneously.

Bose SoundLink Color 2 Outdoor emphasizes the powerful sound output. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker that focuses mainly on sound quality. However, this model adds the IPX4 waterproof standard to let you use it outdoors. The battery lasts approximately 8 hours.