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This audio entertainment device that every household must have is a mechanical device, converting an electrical signal into sound. There are a variety of models in the market. Some of the main components of a loudspeaker are a driver and a speaker system, which consists of a sound generator and electronic circuit for frequency division (crossover network). The usage depends on the purpose.

Portable speakers, when entertainment can go with you anywhere

If you are a person who cannot live without music, but also need to listen to every single detail of the sound without using a headphone, this type of speaker will best suit you. The crucial feature of a portable speaker is its wireless connection. Formerly, it uses an external memory card, but now it already comes with built-in Bluetooth or WiFi. There is a variety of brands and models in the market. This type of speaker does not focus on sound quality but highlights the additional abilities such as waterproof, shockproof, and impact-resistant. Other key features include colorful, modern, sporty, and flashy design as well as the long-lasting battery time.

The subwoofer, providing a full sound description

This loudspeaker gives a complete range of audio frequencies and creates a realistic surround sound. It comes with a main subwoofer to hold heavy bass sound and other components as well. When choosing this type of speaker, it is necessary to consider the nature of the generated sound. For example, a tweeter will produce a high pitch sound by responding to a high frequency. Most manufacturers design a tweeter to support a wide frequency range. A midrange is for a middle-frequency response, giving a middle sound range. It can also respond to high pitch frequency, but with a little less detail than a tweeter. A subwoofer is specifically for a bass sound. The size is around 8" - 15" and it should be installed in a case. It can go deeper than 20 - 20,000 HZ as it has a high wattage resistance. As it delivers a powerful bass tone, it is necessary not to let the middle-frequency sound or the high pitch sound enter a subwoofer as the sound will distort. Audio technology in the system should be fully supported. At a minimum, it is recommended to choose the current audio technology such as DTS-ES, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio, and Dolby TrueHD.

Computer speaker, an audio accessories

When choosing a computer speaker, it is necessary to pick the right format of a speaker that is suitable for us. The 7.1-channel audio system is ideal for realistic surround sound. However, if you do not see the importance of surround sound that much, there is also a 5.1-channel audio system that supports fewer audio channels. Even a conventional 2-channel audio system is adequate for use. It can support basic usage such as listening to music and watching movies from a computer.

Large Speaker (PA)

This type of speaker is designed to be a large cabinet. The driver size is large, which supports powerful audio output. Good broadcasting is the principal factor when using a speaker in a large area. The frequency of each speaker is a reference number, which mainly depends on the design, the material used, and the size of the funnel. You can refer to the manual, which has been tested and checked by the manufacturer. From all the points above, a musical instrument is a source of frequency while a speaker set is the frequency response. The process of pairing up the two is delicate, but the sound system design to cover the desired frequency is easy. Things to consider for the speaker system are the response and cutoff frequencies that help maintain the main instrument sound. It also helps fulfilling the details of the sound for better music experience.