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DVD Player - part of your digital life

DVD is a media for storing data of size 4.7 to 17 gigabytes. The types of data that a DVD can store are images, sound, and text. The size of a DVD is the same as a CD. The DVD for computer data storage is called a DVD-ROM. On the other hand, the DVD for storing movies and songs is called a DVD or a DVD-Video. A DVD provides a better image and sound quality than a CD. It can store seven times more data than a CD. Indeed, a DVD has a high storage capacity, which is suitable for many purposes. The unique features of a DVD are as follows.

1. Better image and sound. Since the videos are compressed using MPEG-2 format, a DVD provides the higher picture and sound quality.

2. Widescreen display. Typical TVs use a 4:3 screen ratio. However, most movies nowadays use either a 16:9 or a 20:9 format. When saving a movie to a DVD, we need to discard the top and the bottom edges of the video. Together with DVD technology, you must use a widescreen TV to watch a 16:9 format movie.

3. Interactive mode. You can choose more than one camera angle. The DVD has a menu for preference setting to let you decide how you would like to watch a DVD. You can watch a movie in a director’s perspective mode as well. However, it depends on each DVD settings and programs.

4. Multi-lingual video. You can choose the preferred movie's language as a single DVD can store eight different soundtrack languages and 32 subtitle languages.

From all the points above, it is clear that a DVD is an essential part of your digital life, including entertainment, work, and study. Regardless, you cannot play a DVD without a DVD player. Power Buy recommend this list of DVD players that are convenient, easy to use, low price, and worth the money.

D-181E DVD player from AJ. This model supports CD, VCD, SVCD, DVD, and MP3 format. It also comes with USB ports to let you watch all of your favorite shows as well.

DV-6201 DVD player from SKG. The DVD player has an exquisite design. It supports numerous types of disk including DVD, VCD, MP3, CD, CD-R/RW, CD+R/RW, MPEG4, and JPMG. If you would like to open files or media from other kinds of storage devices like flash drives or external hard disks, you can do so with this DVD player. It comes with USB ports to maximize the convenience of playing files in different formats. You also get AV, Component, HDMI, and S-VDO ports that come with the DVD player for various usage. It includes a microphone input for the karaoke lovers as well.

AN-9260DVPH DVD player from ACONATIC. For your superior relaxation, this minimalist design DVD player supports "All Format" disks. It comes with AV, Component, and HDMI port for your convenience in connecting to various devices easily.

AN-9360DVDPH DVD player from ACONATIC. This DVD player supports various types of file format, for example, DVD, VCD, MP3, CD, CD-R/RW, and CD+R/RW. With its available AV, Component, HDMI, and Coaxial ports, you can easily use it for various purposes.

The list above only covers some of the fascinating DVD players. Visit our Power Buy website for more quality DVD player alternatives.