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Why Soundbar?

Nowadays, if we have just one TV with  high quality, we can use it for surfing a website, watching a YouTube video, enjoying a movie or listening to a music. In conclusion, TV is an all-in-one entertainment source.

However, the problem is a sound from Smart TV or LED TV might not be good enough for watching a movie or gaming. Especially a newer TV, which is designed to have slimmest and lightest display. Consequently, they have to make TVs’ speakers smaller and move it to the back or under the TVs’ body. When speakers are placed at a bad angle, the sound will not be directly delivered to the audience and that reduces half of the fun. Therefore, soundbar was made to solve this problem.

You probably wonder what is a ‘soundbar’ and how it is different from other kinds of speakers. A soundbar is one type of speakers, which is shaped like a box. It provides a wider sound range. Normally, a soundbar has 2 speaker channels, left and right. Some have an additional center channel. A soundbar can be used with different types of TV such as LCD, Plasma, and OLED TVs. You can put a soundbar on a shelf or a desk under TV. However, some types of soundbar were made for hanging on the wall or hanging separately.

Sound bar can be divided into 2 types, which are self-powered soundbar and passive soundbar. They have slight differences in element but have similar sound quality. 

1. Self-Powered or Self-Amplified Soundbars

A self-powered soundbar is designed to use in independent audio system that made it more convenient when connecting a soundbar with TVs’ audio outputs. Moreover, this type of sound bar can amplify and reproduce sound by itself without any supplementary device such as an external amplifier or home theater receiver.

However, A self-powered soundbar can only connect to 1-2 analog or digital equipment such as DVD/Blu-ray Player, Cable TV box or satellite box. Some can be connected via Bluetooth to deliver a sound through other equipment.

2. Non-Powered (Passive) Sound Bars

This type of soundbars needs to connect to an amplifier or home theater receiver to deliver a sound. A passive soundbar has 2 types of audio system including 2-in-1 and 3-in-1 (LCR), which contain left, center, and right channel in a single box. Moreover, this type of soundbar could reduce “loud sound” by the joint work of 3 speakers. As a result, a user can put this soundbar both above and under their TV. With all of these factors, this type of soundbar is definitely a good choice for you. It comes with great qualities, low-priced, and take up very little space.

Soundbar strengths that make it better than regular speakers 

Space saving

Sound Bar is small, slim, and lightweight, so a user can put it on TV shelves. Compared to a regular home theater set, which must be accompanied by numerous types of equipment, soundbar can save a lot of space in your room.

Attractive design

A soundbar has a modern and beautiful appearance. It keeps thing simple with minimalist design. You can put soundbar anywhere and it won’t stand out too much. Hence, it will look exactly like one of the furniture in your room. It is very easy to clean as well.

Easy to install

Most of the soundbar doesn’t have a lot of cable port. It usually uses one cable to connect and some are even wireless. This makes it look nice, tidy, and easy to install unlike speaker set that has a lot of cable port and wire.

Money Saving

Buying just one speaker, it can deliver a great and decent sound. A soundbar has a several price range to choose, starting from 2,000-3,000 to over 10k Baht, which is absolutely cheaper than buying a home theater set.

As a result, if you want to improve your TV audio quality easily with a limited budget. A soundbar is absolutely a great choice. Even though its quality can’t be compared to home theater, but with its own special features, a soundbar can be used as a replacement.