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Home Theater System - one of the home entertainment

There is no place where people can spend most of their time as a shelter for peace, relaxation, and safety better than "home". With this kind of atmosphere, if there is an activity that also connects people in the house by interacting with each other, it will create a warm atmosphere along with release stress from work. Therefore, it is important to have this kind of home entertainment, which is the appliance called “home theater set”.

Home theater set
Home theater set is one of the home entertainment systems presented in the form of video and audio. The word System refers to an integration of several device mechanisms that operate together to adequately respond to the fundamental function. A system consists of two components including visual and audio processing that can be received through home theatre hardware. There are home entertainments in audio and video that we are familiar with, for example, TV shows, movies, games, music, radio, and photos. Therefore, all of them are converted into a format that can be viewed in residence. It will be recorded in electronic media form, which is based on digital and/or analog for flexibility in viewing.

The home theater set is the combination of multiple speakers to form a home entertainment system. It will make you and the rest of the family happy, relaxed, and enjoy the fun together. It is especially great for watching movies and playing games. However, placing speakers in the proper position also affects the sound quality as well. In the first step, you must know that the home theater systems. There are three types of sound system, which can provide the sound quality at the same level as experienced in the movie theatre.

5.1 Surround Sound
A good 5.1 surround sound system will provide the full surround sound listening experience. DVDs and Blu-ray™ Super Audio CDs (SACDs), broadcast TV, and most video streaming come with 5.1 format of audio sources.

7.1 Surround Sound
The next one is the 7.1 surround sound system, which enhances the audio channel for better sound effects by adding the 3D sound system. Blu-ray Disc™ and the premium streaming today use the 7.1 audio formats (although the 5.1 sound system supports this platform as well).

9.1 Surround Sound
The 9.1 surround sound system enhances the sound quality by installing the overhead speakers to support Dolby Pro Logic® IIz audio system that has developed to support the better signal.

To receive a worthwhile experience, you need to select the right sound system based on your needs. The sound is the important factor since it affects more than 50% in movie watching experience. That is why the placement of an audio speaker and sound system has a lot of effects. In order to receive the best experience, you should sit at the center and turn your speaker to your seat position. If the speaker has a tripod stand, you should adjust the height at your ear height level.

Before installing a sound system, the room needs to be ready for the installation, which can be done as follows.

Adjusting your speaker to match with your room

It is impossible to have the room with the same decoration. For gaining the best experience from the sound system, you need to adjust the sound system and prepare the room for the installation. This is a small tip from us.

Preparing an available space

It is a must to have an available space between the speaker and the seat. If you sit and do not see the speaker, it means the sound is blocked. Hence, the speaker cannot efficiency deliver the sound.

Sound testing

You should test the sound system and try adjusting the sound in order to observe the sound quality. After testing, don't forget to arrange the space for obtaining the best sound quality.

Acoustic room

In order to receive a balanced sound, you need to decorate a wall and floor with a carpet or a wall decoration items.