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Nowadays, the healthy trend is not a temporary trend that quickly fades out. It truly affects your livelihood. Everyone increasingly takes an interest in exercise, sport, and outdoor activities. Consequently, the sports accessories sale is rising. One of the sports accessories that provide enjoyment during working out is a sports headphone. It helps to increase endurance and extend your exercise time. Moreover, your joyousness would be increased. There are several simple factors to consider when choosing a sports headphone. 

1. Dustproof and waterproof: It is the first feature that people will look for as it must match their work out type, for example, people will look for a sweatproof feature for working out at a gym or indoor. However, if they work out at outdoor, waterproof should be considered as well as dustproof and impact resistant features. Especially for aquatics sports, it is better to choose the headphone that has deep waterproof. 

2. Comfortableness and fit: Sports headphone doesn't focus much on sound quality. Though, it is essential to try out and ensure that the sports headphones are a comfortable fit and not easily fall off. In order to support all movements from activities and exercise. 

3. Wired or wireless headphones: One of the problems in movement while wearing headphone is a messy wire that is hard to control. Hence, the wireless headphone or headphone with anchoring hooks are considerable for sports headphone. Some model already goes beyond by providing the feature that you can play music without the music player device. It depends on your preference. The style and design are yours. 

 4. Additional features: There are the additional features that will boost convenience and music vibe, for instance, Bluetooth support, music online streaming, sync information with PC, and NFC support. 

 5. Price: A variety of features and brands would be the factor for pricing. If you want headphones with more features, the price will be higher. Accordingly, you have to consider whether it is worth buying or not. Therefore, we provide the sample of headphone brands for guiding you on how to choose the sports headphone. 

Sony NW-WS623 model is famous for extremely durable, weatherproof, salt waterproof, and dustproof. It is a super sports headphone that supports IPX5 rated waterproof headset. Hence, it can be used in light rain or rinses under the tap water. In addition, this sports headphone can be fully submerged in salt water to a depth of 2 meters. The headphone is certificated for IP6X-rated dustproof. You can smoothly work out or run at the beach with this model. 

 If you are looking for gorgeous design and smart functions, Under Armour Sport Wireless Heart Rate from JBL is the right answer for you. It is able to deliver a powerful sound quality and provide heart rate monitoring. With Touch Sensor on the right earbud, you can monitor on-demand heart rate updates during working out. Moreover, it is certified IPX5 in sweatproof. 

Backbeat Fit from Plantronics provides long-lasting battery and ready for all weather conditions. It is a sports headphone for an exercise lover that can support several functions, for instance, 6 hours talking time and 8 hours for listening, and up to 14 days in a standby mode. Furthermore, with an armband case, you can store your phone while working out. 

The compact Bluetooth headphone that gives you a superior sound quality experience is SoundSport Pulse wireless from Bose. It is lightweight and provides a clear sound. Furthermore, it has a modest design that is beautiful from all angles. It is portable everywhere especially for an exercise since the headphone is durable and sweatproof. The headphone connects with a device through Bluetooth technology. Besides, the headphone has a built-in heart rate sensor, remote controller and microphone.The battery is up to 5 hours for a fully charged headphone.

 Following the guideline, now you can imagine which headphone will fit you the most. Let Power Buy be the one who can fulfill your needs.