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A sound that originates from a headphone is portable everywhere. First of all, you have to get to know what kind of headphone you're looking for including usage, time, and objective. Each type of headphone is differently designed. Therefore, some model is suitable for different musical tones such as overtone or bass while some model is perfectly suited for different purposes of usage, for instance, watching movies and connecting by Bluetooth. Hence, we need to know which model appropriately matches your need.

A headphone that is fully equipped and experience every single accuracy sound quality is Over-Ear Headphone. This headphone provides the highest accuracy of sound quality, frequencies, and dimensions. It is suitable for a music lover who wants the most accurate sound quality, for example, Audiophile and people who are working with sound because it has fully harmonic compositions and a wide range of sound field. However, the disadvantage is its large size, its unportable nature, and more power is required comparing to other headsets. In a high-quality model, it usually has an amplifier to improve sound quality. As the quality of headphones increases, the price is also higher. Therefore, the user has to consider whether it is worth to invest for career or just reach desirable listening levels. The example of Over-Ear Headphone is Sony MDR-1AM2. This model provides the completely accurate and explicit sound. It was designed to be lightweight and portable. Thus, it is different from other Over-Ear Headphones. The body contains soft cushioned ear pads so, you can comfortably listen for hours. Moreover, you can tune for clearer sound with 40mm HD driver, which is a newly developed technology.

In-ear monitors are excellent for blocking noise disruption and directly deliver the powerful sound to your ears. Nowadays, this model is the most popular type of headphone. The main features are its portable feature and the size is smallest compared with other types of headphone. Although, In-ear monitors have a smaller size. In-ear monitors support all ranges of frequency from high-pitched to bass. Most earbuds are made from foam or rubber, thus it can effectively isolate you from outside noise and ensure your headphones stay put. Though, the security while the headphone is in the ear should be aware as well. Isolating from outside noise or noise-canceling capability can cause the danger from not hearing outside noise. If you use in-ear monitors headphone outdoor and turn up the volume, the sound will directly deliver to your eardrum. Hence, you should not use in-ear monitors headphone when you visit desolate pathway or drive a vehicle. The example of an in-ear monitors headphone is HA-FR202-A from JVC. You can enjoy music since it comes with 11mm Neodymium driver and provides the deep bass sound. With Tough Protectors body, this model offers an extra durability and impact resistant. Besides, the model has been designed following the Ergonomic design.

The headphone for sport or wireless headphone should support all of your vibrations through your body and movements. Mostly, wireless headphone uses Bluetooth technology to connect with devices. The wireless headphone can be used to inspire yourself or receive media content while working out. This type of headphone tends to have more durability than other types of headphones as waterproof and dustproof features are required. In order to support movement activities and sweat from exercise, the headphone should be made from a material that is waterproof, dustproof, and impact resistant. The headphone for the sport has both In-ear and Over-ear. The example of sports headphone is Backbeat Fit from Plantronics. It is a wireless headphone for an exercise lover that can support various functions, for instance, 6 hours talking time and 8 hours for listening, and up to 14 days standby. It comes with an armband case that you can store your phone while working out. Furthermore, it supports Bluetooth V 3.0 A2DP version. Find your music buddy with PowerBuy in the way and style that fits yours.