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Nintendo (Nintendō)

Getting to know Nintendo: The mighty gaming company that started from card games to electronic games

Nintendo (Japanese: 任天堂 or ニンテンドー Nintendō) is a Japanese company that originally started running a card game, toy, and other businesses such as hotel and taxi. In 1983, Nintendo transformed its business to a video gaming business, which is the longest and the most influential gaming company till now.

Speaking of Nintendo's history, back in 1889 the company used to be named as Nintendo Koppei. It was established by Fusajiro Yamauchi for selling Hanafuda, which is a card for playing a game similar to a standard 52-card deck nowadays. The name Nintendo is presumed to originate from Nintendou, which means "leave luck to heaven". After the company produced and sold a card for a decade, the turning point started in 1953. It was a generation of Fusajiro's nephew, Hiroshi Yamauchi. He was promoted as a chief executive. The company started selling a card made from plastic for the first time in Japan. The plastic card innovation was hugely popular and widely spreading. Regarding its effect, Nintendo has completely become a leader of the card game industry. Another significant turning point occurred in 1959 when Hiroshi signed the contract with Disney company. Nintendo went forward by approaching the younger segmentation. The company launched a new product, which is a handbook for playing a game card in various patterns. This strategy created a huge success for the company. In the first year, the company sold more than 600,000 card set. Hence, this achievement advanced the company to a public company. Entering the stock exchange provided a substantial capital for the company to expand the business. Later on, Nintendo has continuously grown and expanded the business to a game console and portable gaming.Nintendo proudly becomes one of the leaders in the world gaming industry.

Nintendo has been continuously developed, enhanced, and transformed day by day. Therefore, it is able to maintain its popularity. There was an issue with Nintendo Switch that required a container for charging a battery while playing a game at the same time. This issue had been resolved without buying accessories from other companies. Lately, Nintendo launched the new charger for Nintendo Switch that a user can concurrently charge a battery and play a game in tablet mode. Besides, a user can also adjust the slope of charging stand as well. The price is approximately 700 bath. It is a very cheap price since it is an official accessory from Nintendo and it is now available in Thailand. You shouldn't miss it especially if you are looking for an official charger. Apart from Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, Nintendo launched another Pokemon game in 2018 on Nintendo Switch, which is called Pokemon Quest. It is a simulation of playing a pokemon in Gamefreak Minecraft version. The developers call a cubic pokemon in Pokemon Quest as Pokexel. Pokemon Quest is a Japanese role-playing game (JRPG). A player can control 3 pokemons without a pokemon trainer. The battle can start whenever you encounter other pokemons on a map. The battle is not a turn-based and switching to fighting scene is not available. Moreover, a player can build a camp to attract other pokemons and extend a team. Pokemon Quest is available for free on Nintendo Switch. There is a downloadable content (DLC) for saleas well. Furthermore, Pokemon Quest is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

In 2019, Nintendo expects to have another RPG pokemon game, which is currently under development. It probably launches on Nintendo Switch platform at the second half of 2019. It is possible that Pokemon Let's Go will not be included in these pokemon core series because the game format is different and the developing one is a core in a pokemon series.