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Game console and VR

In the generation of modern entertainment, there is a continuous development on picture, sound, and movie. Besides, the gaming industry has been outstandingly developed for a long time. It is impossible for the gaming industry to vanish from the technology industry. A video game console is an electronic appliance, which is used in a video game. The image will be displayed through its monitor or television. Although a computer is recently capable of playing a video game. A game console still has more outstanding superior features.

Easy to control  

A game console is specially designed for gaming. Hence, the supervision devices through a controller and a joystick are easy and fun to use because of its well-design, unlike a computer PC that the controller is a just combination of a mouse and a keyboard. Moreover, a computer is also used for other purposes. It is not as specialized as a game console.

No need to frequently change a hardware

When you buy a game console, it can be used for at least 3 -5 years until a new model is released. Comparing to a computer, newer models are frequently released. Consequently, old hardware regularly does not support newer games or even if it can be used, you still have to change the setting to low graphics quality. If you want to play a new game in good graphics, you need to regularly upgrade your hardware.

Outstanding game innovation  

A game in a PC usually comes with the same storyline and pattern through keyboard and mouse. It is different from a game console that regularly introduces a new controller in a diverse platform, for instance, a joystick and other accessories in a different pattern. In addition, there is always more surprising innovation when a new game and game control model is launched. Later on, a computer will catch up and integrate that innovation, for examples, new graphics, motion gaming, and VR technology.

Fully support multi-players  

Even though a PC supports multi-players in an online gaming system, the feeling and atmosphere are different since one computer can be played by only one player. Moreover, an online gaming platform is not a face-to-face activity. In a game console, one device can support up to 4 players at once. Therefore, players can gather and have a party together to enjoy the happiness that a computer cannot provide it.

Several games are not supported by a PC  

Another important thing is that some games, which are developed by a game console company, cannot be played on a PC except through the Emulator. If you'd love to play those games, you have no choice but buying a game console. Another choice is waiting for a couple of years until an Emulator supports those games. Hence, it is an experience that you can't easily receive from a PC.

Gaming accessories specialized for a specific game  

There are numerous gaming accessories, for instance, a motion controller, a driving force racing wheel, a gun controller, a guitar controller, a mouse keyboard controller. These devices will provide a better realistic gaming experience. An outstanding Virtual Reality technology or VR is taking a vital role in the gaming industry. Recently, there are VR glasses, which are a new transformation of user experience from a typical user interface that we used to experience such as watching a movie on a television, a computer, or a smartphone. VR glasses come with a 3D watching experience and an excellent sound system. The entertainment is under your control with functions that will boost your gaming experience. If you're interested in a game console and VR, Power Buy is willing to provide high-quality products that are right for you.