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In these days, VR or Virtual Reality has become increasingly popular with technology for lifestyle and entertainment. Some of you might already own one of this VR player. But there are also many people who still have no idea about this device. Therefore, we will help you to get to know more about it.
In the past, if we talk about the subject of virtual reality, we would just think of a sci-fi movie which is so far away from our daily lives. But now the technology has been developed for us to see and experience each other under the name VR or Virtual Reality. It creates a simulated environment from the computer's data and show the result in the form of three dimensions which can be viewed from the display device and  the equipment that helps to interact with the simulated environment like glasses or known as VR players.
VR in the early days was developed for teaching aviation to the students. In order to simulate the situation for the students to make their decisions or handle various situations when in the sky. But today, VR technology has been used in many types of activities. The price is also getting cheaper while the technology itself is still modern. It can simulate more realistic situations and images.

The type of VR players are as below:

1. Mobile Base
This type of VR will be used with smartphones by installing VR apps on the phone and putting it into the glasses. This VR type was initially very popular because it is cheap and easy to use on the smartphone, hassle free.
1. It is cheap, can be bought with just hundreds of baht.
2. It is easy to buy.
3. There is a lot of apps in the Playstore and App Store. 
4. Can be used for both iOS and Android systems.
5. Can be used anywhere and anytime.

2. PC Base
We could say that this type of VR is fun and very realistic because the graphics have been processed through the computer which makes it full of details. More major developers from big companies are making these contents. But it will come with more expensive prices starting from one thousand baht. PC based VR requires a PC with a high-end graphics card. 
1. It comes with fun, reality, and excitement.
2. There is a lot of games available on Stream and Oculus Stores. 
3. It can be beneficial in other fields such as medical, engineering, etc.
4. It can work with other additional accessories such as VR Stick Controller.

3. Stand Alone
This type of VR does not need a PC or phone since it can be played on its own. Most of them runs on Android system which is embedded in the glasses. The price will be a little bit lower, around 10,000 baht. But then the processing performance is also a bit less making the image quality not that good. However, it is still at a playable level.
1. The price is affordable.
2. You can get the full experience in playing VR.
3. It is convenient to play, no need any other accessories.

4. Console Base
This type of VR is particularly used for playing games. The most popular one now is Sony’s PlayStation VR. It does not require a PC or mobile but needs to work on a  Console Game like PlayStation instead. Currently, there are many games that support this type of VR.
1. It supports games and entertainment activities very well.
2. There are enough games that support this type of VR.
For those who are just interested in watching movie on VR Player, you just need a mobile based VR. However, you should use a smartphone that the display screen is sharp and clear enough. If you want to utilize more benefits, a PC based VR might be a better answer. For those who would like to focus on playing games, the most suitable is a console based VR for sure. Finally, the stand alone VR is recommended for those who really like VR and want to take it with you everywhere without having to put it in or pull it out from a smartphone.
And this is all about the VR players that we want to present to you. Hopefully you will like it.