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Throughout the past month, Apple has accelerated the promotion of Apple Watch via various media. It is interesting that most brands often choose to promote their products via social media or mass media like television. However, Apple chose to promote its products through the media that they have never experienced before - fashion magazines. It includes Vogue, Self, and Style. They also plan to sell Apple Watch in luxury department stores as well as general fashion stores. Although Apple Watch was launched after many other smartwatch brands, most of them lack the sense of fashion like Apple Watch. Many people may have overlooked the fact that Apple Watch is categorized as fashion accessories and fitness gear rather than an IT gadget. Apple Watch is like a compact-sized computer that can be worn on your wrist. It comes with various functionalities like telling time, communicating, health and fitness tracking, controlling other devices, and even paying your bills. Obviously, Apple Watch also comes with a stylish and fashionable design, which attracts a lot of attention. Therefore, Apple Watch remains the leader in a smartwatch market. Apple Watch concept is very simple, "Apple Watch is the ultimate device for a healthy life".

Power Buy Online has imported all of Apple's products, including the Apple Watch. We have all Apple Watch models available in the market, including the latest Apple Watch Series 3. In this series, there are several models as follows.

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS+CELLULAR : This Apple Watch comes with built-in cellular. Whether users are out for a run, at the pool or just trying to be more active throughout their day, Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular allows them to stay connected, make calls, receive texts and more, even without iPhone nearby.

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS+CELLULAR comes with built-in cellular. It allows you to have more freedom as the cellular is always connected, even when without an iPhone nearby. You can make calls and send text messages directly from Apple Watch as well as streaming 45 million songs available on Apple Music. You can also ask Siri to set a reminder, add a calendar appointment, or give direction without having an iPhone. Even if you leave your phone at home, you will still be able to receive notification from your favorite applications.

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 GPS+Cellular : Apple Watch Nike+ has been extremely popular, and this partnership from the two leading brands continues in Series 3. With built-in cellular, you can steam your favorite songs and receive notifications while running without having an iPhone. What a perfect mate for running!

This model comes features similar to the above model. With the built-in cellular system, GPS and height measurement are available, which help elevate your running experience to the next level. You can pair your watch wirelessly with compatible machines. Most importantly, it is waterproof, which allows you to wear it while swimming. The screen can show both a digital and an analog clock style. You can launch Nike+ Run Club application just by touching the screen. The collaboration with a renown brand like Nike results in a Nike Sport Loop, a lightweight and breathable strap that is easily adjustable. A nylon weave made from more than 300 strings of five different types of fabric creates a 3D structure that is soft, breathable, and highly durable.