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Apple Watch accessories

Typically, Apple launches Apple Watch and Apple Watch accessories with different features as a response to its customer needs. Let's explore which Apple Watch accessories are attractive and convenient to use.

One of the Apple Watch accessories that enhances your entertainment experience like music listening is the AirPods. The AirPods deliver the wireless headphone experience, reimagined. Just pull them out of the case and they’re ready to use with your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. After a simple one-tap setup, AirPods work like magic. They’re automatically on and always connected. AirPods can even sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out. To adjust the volume, change the song, make a call or even get directions, simply say “Hey Siri” and make your request. You have the freedom to wear one or both AirPods, and you can play or skip forward with a double-tap when listening to music or podcasts. Powered by the Apple W1 headphone chip, AirPods use optical sensors and motion accelerometers to detect when they’re in your ears. Whether you’re using both AirPods or just one, the W1 chip automatically routes the audio and engages the microphone. The W1 chip saves your battery well allowing AirPods to deliver 5 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talk time on a single charge.

Although devices like Apple Watch has a long battery usage time, it is more convenient to have Apple accessories like a magnetic wireless charger to keep your battery full all the time. With the Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock, you can charge your Apple Watch in a flat position with its strap open, or on its side. When docked on its side, your watch automatically goes into Bedside mode, so you can also use it as your alarm clock. The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock uses the same inductive charging connector that comes with Apple Watch. It charges all Apple Watch models and sizes such as 38mm and 42mm. And it connects via the Lightning to USB Cable and Apple 5W USB Power Adapter. Another attractive accessory is the Apple Watch Magnetic Charger to USB Cable (1m). Apple says that it wanted to make charging your Apple Watch utterly effortless. It uses the same technology as MagSafe. Simply hold the connector near the back of the watch, where magnets cause it to snap into place automatically. It’s a completely sealed system free of exposed contacts. And it’s very forgiving, requiring no precise alignment.

Additionally, for people with a unique lifestyle, you can switch up your Apple Watch strap and let it define your style. It comes in many sizes and designs such as the 44mm Sport Loop. Soft, breathable and lightweight, the Sport Loop features a hook-and-loop fastener for quick and easy adjustment. The double-layer nylon weave has dense loops on the skin side that provide soft cushioning while allowing moisture to escape. On the reverse side, the attachment loops are securely anchored for superior durability. Another example is the 40mm Milanese Loop. A modern interpretation of a design developed in Milan at the end of the 19th century. Woven on specialized Italian machines, the smooth stainless steel mesh wraps fluidly around your wrist. And because it’s fully magnetic, the Milanese Loop is infinitely adjustable, ensuring a perfect fit.