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According to Kunthida Denwitthayanan interview on 31 October 2016, she gave a perspective towards a drone or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that it is one of the technologies to keep an eye on. It will replace human in aviation. Therefore, a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle plays an important role in business nowadays. It is different from the past where it had been used for militaries and securities only. According to PwC’s CEO pulse study, 64% of executives around the world believe that robotics technology will be integrated with all business industries in the future. 

Aside from militaries and securities, a drone can be classified into several types as follows.
1. Quadcopter
This type of drone propelled by four rotors, which are located at the top of drone corners. As it has four rotors, it has better propulsion and it is easier when a drone turns into a different direction. Moreover, some models have a built-in camera. However, all models can attach a small camera as well.
2. GPS Drone
This type of drone is suitable when facing an uncontrollable situation or low battery. It will help you to easily find a drone. Though, it still needs clear weather to find a GPS location from satellite signals.
3. RTF Drone( Ready to Fly Drone )
It is a ready-to-use drone. All you need to do is unboxing, charging the drone, and then flying it around.  This type of drone is suitable for a newbie and can be compared as a small quadcopter.
4. Trick Drone
A trick drone is designed for barrel rolls, flips, and simple tricks. It is a small drone that has a few grams in weight and a width that does not exceed the ruler size. Some models may attach a built-in camera. However, this type of drone is not suitable for photography as it has a small camera and cannot deliver an HD picture. Hence, this type of drone is more suitable for a newbie.
5. Helicopter Drone
This type of drone propelled by one rotor. As a result, it can fly in the air longer.
6. Delivery Drone
A delivery drone is developed for a logistic purpose. It has to be used with an anchor, which is attached on a drone body to deliver packages.
7. Drone for taking a picture
It usually comes with an HD camera with protector guard to prevent camera lens from damages from local weather conditions or dust in the air. A controller of this drone type often has a button to take a photo. However, a controller cannot show a real-time picture.
8. Drone for competition
A drone for the competition is developed to speed up to 40 - 60 miles/hr. It can efficiently operate by a controller that connects to a unique radio signal. It is compatible with several frequencies to ensure a connection between a drone and a controller. Therefore, it should not have any noise signals. This type of drone has a slim design and not affected by the wind.