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The selection of a drone and accessories for routine use might be hard, especially for the one who doesn’t have any knowledge about it. It is similar to flying a drone and accessories as the first thing that should be considered is safety. Hence, safety should be the first priority for all activities. There are the drone regulations for the security including oneself, other people, and the surrounding properties where a drone and accessories fly. Today, Power Buy Online would like to introduce the regulations to make you fly a drone and accessories happily and safely.

The surrounding environment: Before flying a drone, you need to check a barrier on the surrounding area that may cause trouble. If it is possible, you should fly a drone at an open area where there is no big building, tree, electricity post, or cell tower. It will prevent risk and accident that a drone may crash while flying.

Check a battery: A battery is the key and important source of power to operate a drone and accessories. Before flying a drone, it is essential to check a battery every time whether it be a drone battery, a remote controller, smartphone, and other related devices. These devices should be fully charged and ready for operation. Hence, you can safely fly a drone.

Check a GPS satellite signal: Before you fly a drone, you should ensure a GPS satellite signal. If a signal is not stable, the flight control system may not be able to determine the location of a drone. It is recommended that you fly the drone only when the drone detects the GPS satellite signal with at least four signals. Therefore, it can prevent an unexpected situation why flying.

Flying a drone within a visual line of sight: While flying a drone, it should be within a visual line of sight to prevent a drone from crashing into an obstacle or getting damaged. Controlling a drone through a display screen may be difficult and it requires an experience to control a drone.

Check the compass: It is important to check the functionality of the compass system before flying a drone. While flying a drone, you should ensure that a drone is far from intense magnetic fields. This action will prevent the compass system from disturbance by the magnetic field that can lead to the incorrect direction.
Follow the regional laws and regulations: Before flying a drone, the important thing is to ensure that it complies with the laws and regulations of the area where the drone will be flying. You should check whether the area is restricted or if you need to get permission for flying a drone. It is essential to ensure these things before flying a drone to prevent an unexpected situation.

Ensure that a drone shutdown properly: The proper shutdown steps are as follows. When a drone is landing, you should turn off the swift on a drone first, turn off a remote controller, remove propellers, remove a cable, remove accessories, and then pack it into a bag. However, the battery should be left to cool down before packing.