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Nowadays, technology and the Internet has become a part of all the activities in your life. It makes your life more convenient and easier when you are at home. Hence, the term Smart Home is used more frequently these days. However, many people still do not understand what it means and what are its objectives. Today, we will introduce you to the meaning and the component of a smart home.

“Smart Home” is the method of integrating technologies into different parts of the household, both internal and external. It connects different devices together such as electronic appliances, security system, and others. You can control these devices with your smartphone and mobile devices. It makes your life much easier and save a lot of utility bills. You will also have more security in your house. The use of innovative technology like modular structure that protects you from an earthquake and other innovations will improve your quality of life. For a house to be called a smart home, these three conditions must be fulfilled.

It must have a Smart Home Network
Smart Home Network refers to a wired or wireless network that is used to connect multiple devices within the house. This network will be used to exchange information between devices such as Power line System (X10), Bus line (EIB, Cebus), Radiofrequency (RF), and Infrared (IR) system.

It must have an Intelligent Control System
Intelligent Control System is an intelligent system that is a bridge between different kinds of technology in your home. It acts as a gateway to connect to other services outside of your house as well. This control system is an intelligent brain that controls all the other devices and services both inside and outside of the house.

It must have a Home Automation Device
Home Automation Device refers to the various types of an intelligent electronic appliance in the house such as an auto-on and auto-off light at the doorstep and a system that can detect where the members of the family are. It is like an assistant that can follow the instructions of the members to turn the devices on or off within the house.

Is it necessary to have a Smart Home?
Technology often plays an important role when users need more convenience in their lives. Many may find it unnecessary to have the Smart Home system in their homes or offices, but many others think it is better to leverage these technologies to make their lives easier. It depends on the individual lifestyle of each family.


- Convenient control of various devices through your smart devices.
- Centralized control with a dashboard to monitor and control the status of all devices in your house using the touch screen.
- It is a redundant system that will continue to function even if one of the devices fail.
- Highly flexible and scalable. Once you installed the system, if you want to make any changes or add any other devices, you don't need to redo the whole system. Simply run the wire from the new device to the central control or the brain of the house and it will work instantly.
- Cost effective for maintenance because you can replace each part separately without affecting other parts of the system.

In Thailand, we must admit that the market trend of a Smart Home is growing among the middle-income population. Khun Kultida Denwitthayanun, an economics expert from Power Buy website https://www.powerbuy.co.th, has projected the product market in 2020 to be as high as 2,500 million Thai Baht. This is 645 million more than in 2016. The growth rate is 40% per year.

As we can observe, Smart Home is a relatable topic for all of us. It will play more parts in your lives in the future, so be ready for the transformation of this technology.