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“Water” is an essential factor in our lives. In the past, drinking water could be found in natural sources such as rain or groundwater. When the water supply system was introduced, many people drank the water directly from the tap. However, over time, pollution problems became more serious, and natural water sources were contaminated. To avoid potential health risks from contaminated water, we have to buy bottled water, which will increase our living costs. It is an issue that we cannot avoid. For modern people who want clean water, we would like to recommend a water purifier, which will give you various benefits. 

As the name implies, this device does what the name suggests: it filters water from unwanted substances such as toxins, germs, rocks, and residues. These substances usually come from the water source to which the device is connected. For many households, the source is tap water. Hence, using a water purifier will give you peace of mind that the water you consume is clean. There are three types of water purifiers according to their systems. Today, we will introduce you to each of the water purifiers.  

1. RO System or Reverse Osmosis System

RO is the purest way to purify various substances from water, such as toxins, pathogens, and minerals. The advantage of this system is that the resulting water is approximately as pure as 95%. However, with too much filtering, our body may not take in any minerals from the water. If you regularly consume all five food groups, it is unnecessary to obtain nutrients from the water. 

2. UV System or Ultra Violet System

The UV system is one of the most popular water purifier systems. There is one layer of pre-filtration before the UV light is used to kill any germs left in the water while preserving the minerals that the body needs. The system is more water-efficient than the RO system. The filter replacement can be purchased easily. However, if connected to a water source with a lot of sediment like groundwater, it may not fully filter out unwanted substances.

3. UF System or Ultra Filtration System

Lastly, we would like to recommend the UF system, which comes at a low price and does not require electricity. There are 4 - 5 filtration steps in the system. Many systems will have a bacteria filter, which is standardized, easy to find, and easy to replace. However, in terms of filtration, it may not be as good as RO or UV systems. But thanks to its many advantages, the UF system has become popular with many households.

And these are the three water purifier systems that are available in the market today. We hope this article is useful to those of you who wish to purchase a water purifier for the better health of you and your family.