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According to greenwater website, it said that World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that there are 25,000 people who die from diseases that are infected with water (Water Borne Disease) per day. This estimated number could go up to 50,000 in some years of drought conditions. From the statistics, the most common disease caused by waterborne infections is diarrhea with too many numbers of patients. This is the reason why we must be aware of the dangers of drinking contaminated water with microorganisms. And the reason why we need to find the best technology at a fair price to protect yourself and your family from water infected diseases.
Water dispenser and water purifier, used for producing quality drinking water, has become more necessary these days because of various problems related to contaminated drinking water such as microorganisms, chemicals, and heavy metals.There is also a need to get the ideal condition of drinking water that is slightly alkaline, contain essential minerals, and has a small water molecule.

Choosing between water dispenser and water purifier, it depends on the purpose of use since each of them has different qualities, substances, and methods. Every company that makes water purifiers is confident in the quality of its own brand. So the decision is on you to choose the best one for the good health of everyone in your family. For middle class families and above, it is expected that there should be at least one water purifier per household within the next 10 years. Therefore, it makes more sense to have a water purifier in your house because it gives you more confidence as well as helps you save more money in the long term. It is also more convenient than buying bottled water. So for the best of everyone’s health in your family, you should not be too stingy. Economists must carefully apply economics to the price of human life. Otherwise, we would not have to spend a lot money curing elderly people who have a final stage of cancer if they would not provide any benefits back to society. By using the same cost and benefit principles, the cost and profit would not be worth it. But in fact, your good health and the lives of those you love cannot be valued in money.

And what are the benefits of drinking good water? Water is good for the body in any way. It is a good medicine that can help cure diseases. Of course, it might not ease the pain immediately. But some illnesses can gradually be cured by just drinking water such as headache, digestive system problems, low blood pressure, and migraines. And for sure it helps to treat skin problems because water will help add moisture to the skin. However,  these symptoms will be cured only if you drink at least 1-2 liters of water per day. Apart from reducing body heat and bringing more refreshment to the body, water is also useful for people who usually have headaches or migraines. Drinking water regularly will help to reduce the pain from migraine based on the research results saying that the pain from migraine will be more painful if the body is dehydrated. It also makes your skin healthier if your bright skin is constantly receiving enough water. The water will also help you to have better blood flow. A bright face represents a healthy person. The water is beneficial to our skin because it helps build immunity to our body as well as prevent germs from getting inside.