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Vacuum cleaner accessories

Many households may have encountered the problems of sweeping the floor. No matter how hard you try to clean the house with your broom, you cannot get rid of the small dust. Sweeping the floor becomes a never ending task for you. Therefore, a lot of people use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom to clean the house. There is a variety of vacuum cleaner accessories that will help enhance the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner.

The first accessory for vacuum cleaners is a dust bag. When the dust is swept inside, it will be kept in a dust bag, which comes in both reusable and disposable types. A paper dust bag is a disposable type, which means that you need to throw it away after use. The advantage of this type of dust bag is its ability to capture dust that is as small as 0.1 micron. Meanwhile, a reusable dust bag is made from fabrics and synthetic fibers. You can wash and reuse it many times. However, it can only capture dust particles of size 0.3-0.5 micron only. After the dust is swept into the dust bag, the air will be released in another direction. There is a dust filter inside as the last step before the air is released to make sure that the air is dust-free. Generally, high-quality dust filter will be able to filter out dust particles that are as small as 0.05 micron (1 micron = 0.001 mm).

However, you should understand your own needs before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Since there is a variety of options for a vacuum cleaner such as a general vacuum cleaner, a vacuum cleaner that can also get rid of dust mites, a vacuum cleaner that can reduce allergens, a high-power vacuum cleaner, and other special feature vacuum cleaners. Therefore, we should consider choosing a vacuum cleaner that best meets our needs for the cost-effectiveness. Additionally, you should consider the component of each model and see whether it is suitable for your usage. Therefore, you should consider choosing the vacuum cleaner that best meets our needs for cost-effectiveness. A good vacuum cleaner may not be the most expensive one. You should consider the components of a vacuum cleaner to be reasonable with the price. Some examples include the size dust bag, whether the dust bag is washable, whether the handle is easy to hold, the power of the vacuum cleaner, and whether it is suitable for your use. You should buy a vacuum cleaner whose spare parts you can find easily.

The size of a vacuum cleaner is another thing to consider, which will mainly depend on the usage area. For a house that is carpeted in a wide area, it may be better to choose a large vacuum cleaner that can store a large amount of dust as well as reduce allergens. However, for houses with limited space or condos, a vacuum cleaner that comes with a dust bag on top might be more suitable for your lifestyle. The house with carpeted stairs or areas with limited space such as in the car, the canister vacuum cleaner may be more suitable. You should compare several models before purchase as each brand may have different functionalities. The best vacuum cleaner should have the functionality that suits the house. Thus, if you look throughout, you will be able to find a vacuum cleaner that best matches your lifestyle.

An additional tip for choosing vacuum cleaner accessories is to consider suction power. Besides being able to vacuum small particles, you should have a decent filter that can filter out small dust particles. The filter should come in several layers to filter out even the smallest dust particles for the health of the resident. Most importantly, the filter should be able to be easily cleaned after use for the user's convenience. It should be durable so that it does not become a burden of the user to change the filter often. There are two types of a filter including a filter that uses a dust bag and a filter that does not use a dust bag.