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Stick Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is another invention that makes your life more convenient. Not only does it clean the house thoroughly, but it also decreases the risk of allergies as well. However, vacuum cleaners come in newer models every year. The question is: how do we know what type of vacuum cleaner is the most suitable for our lifestyles. Today, Power Buy Online would like to introduce to you a stick vacuum cleaner. 

The first decision to make before purchasing a vacuum cleaner is whether to buy the one with a dust bag or not. Normally, a vacuum cleaner will keep the dust in a dust bag, and you will need to change it frequently. Therefore, it may cost you additional money for the replacement. However, bagless vacuum cleaner is becoming more popular in the past ten years. This type of vacuum cleaner will keep the dust in a compartment, and you can later empty the box. Many people may favor this type of vacuum cleaner as it is more environmentally friendly and easier. However, you will need to clean the dust box by your hand, which may result in a mess if you are not careful enough.
A hand-held vacuum cleaner. It is designed to be light and compact. It is also known as a stick vacuum cleaner because its shape is similar to a broomstick. It works on a battery, which is rechargeable. Newer models come with a high suction power, which allows you to use it continuously without charging. However, it is more suitable for a small family or a setting that needs quick cleaning. Thus, it is more suitable as a secondary cleaning device in a household. Power Buy Online offers some of a well-worth stick vacuum cleaner that is easy to use and meets the safety standard at an affordable price.

Philips cordless rechargeable vacuum cleaner FC6409/01 is a 3in1 powerful tool to deal with daily messes. A bagless vacuum cleaner includes a handheld for chair or corners, a mini turbo brush for soft surfaces and a mopping system to clean damp dirt. PowerCyclone fan rotates with speeds up to 300 km/h to create high G-force in the PowerCyclone which effectively separates dust from the air, hence continuously high cleaning performance. The TriActive Turbo nozzle delivers powerful performance on hard floors and carpets. The motorized brush and the optimized airflow pick up all dirt and fluff in one go. 3 layer washable filter can capture >90% of allergens like pollen, pet hair, and dust, for clean air. Cordless cleaning with powerful 25.2V Lithium Ion battery for up to 1 hour of runtime. It comes with instant click on/off mopping system for wet cleaning and mini turbo brush for cleaning soft surfaces.

The FC6409/01 vacuum cleaner from DIRT DEVIL comes with a MICRO FILTER & NANO MICROFIBER system that will help securely keep the dust mites and small particles. It will filter the waste air from the smallest particles with a dust filter that help increase the vacuum power. It separates dust and tiny particles from the blow. Thus, less dust is on the filter and more in a dust box. It is designed to be used efficiently and conveniently. It is easy to relocate and you can wash the compartments easily. Accessories for this device includes the fabrics filter. It comes with an electronic vacuum system, a washable MICRO FILTER, which can be cleaned separately.