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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The lifestyle of people living in an urban area nowadays is stereotyped as being at a fast pace. Most family members today work outside the home, and thus housework is not done well. A robotic vacuum cleaner is an electronic appliance that becomes more crucial to our lives as it can solve the urban lifestyle problem.

Many people who want to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner do not know how to choose as there are a lot of models in the market. Therefore, we have concluded the main points to consider before purchasing a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Purpose of use
Usually, all models will perform the same function, which is vacuuming dust, particles, and animal furs. Some models may have additional functionalities like dust sensor, anti-shock sensor, ground level sensor, and automatic cleaning scheduling. The more intelligent the system, the higher the price. Therefore if you only use it in your household, the basic one will be more suitable.
Operation mode
The basic mandatory operations include Auto, Spiral/Spot, and Zigzag. The models with advanced modes like Edge and room size analysis are appealing for people with a little more budget.
Dust box capacity
A dust box capacity is an essential factor when choosing a vacuum cleaner. Each model has a different size, but most of them range from 200 - 800ml. Thus, the higher the capacity, the better and the less time wasted to empty the box. 
Battery capacity and charging method
Decent battery capacity should allow the vacuum to work continuously for up to one hour per one full charge. If the battery capacity is less than this, cleaning in a wide area may not be completed. Additionally, the robotic vacuum cleaner should come with an automatic return-to-the-dock mode or self-charging base. Therefore, when the battery is running out, the robot can automatically recharge the battery. It will eliminate the problem of a robot parking under the table or bed, making it difficult to bring it out. Some models even have a function that when the robot is fully charged, it can go back to clean the remaining parts immediately.
Dusting brush system
The essential component of a robotic vacuum cleaner is the dusting brush system. This part of the cleaner will sweep the dust towards the machine. We recommend models with at least two brushes for better performance. If you want to focus on efficiently vacuuming pet furs such as furs from cats and dogs, you should choose a model with additional wool tapping feature. It is a special brush wheel attached to the vacuum cleaner under the device. 
Anti-shock from falling
No matter how durable the machine is, if it falls to the ground several times, it can break. The dust stored in the box may even scatter on the ground. Thus, having a capability of anti-shock from robot falling is necessary. If you have more budget, you can consider choosing the model with the garbage detection sensor or cushioning system.
HEPA filter
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter has the ability to efficiently trap a fine 0.3-micron dust with 99.99% filtration efficiency. It is extensively used to trap dust in your room. It solves health problems like allergies as well. Therefore, before purchasing, read the specification or ask the seller if the filter used is HEPA or not.
Maintenance and spare parts prices
Maintenance of a robot vacuum cleaner is not complicated. However, you should always check the filter and brush and change them when they reach a lifetime limit. Thus, choose a model that you can easily find spare parts with a decent price.

All of the information should help you to better choose the optimal robotic vacuum cleaner that fits your lifestyle.