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A vacuum cleaner is one of the inventions that make our lives more convenient. Not only does it clean the floor, but it also purifies the air and reduce the risk of allergies as well. There are new models of vacuum cleaner every year, so how do we know which type is the most suitable for us? Today Power Buy Online would like to present to you a handheld vacuum cleaner as one of your choices.

A handheld vacuum cleaner comes with a compact size and lightweight. It does not require a dust bag. It is extremely useful for the daily cleaning of a small area such as an office environment. It is suitable for a small room, such as a reading room. However, it is not meant to replace a large vacuum cleaner. It is easily portable and movable while you are cleaning. Additionally, you can use it anywhere in the house, including the stairs. It is typically compact in size and lightweight, so you can store and clean it easily. It is suitable for all family members. Thus, Power Buy would like to introduce to you some of the well worth handheld vacuum cleaners that are affordable, easy to use, and standardized by the national certification body. Their brands will guarantee their qualities.

SHARP Heat Cyclone Mite Catcher EC-HX100T-S with Plasmacluster Ion Technology removes dust mite on your bed and pillow for your better health. The 3-step mite removal with heat cyclone starts by heated air that reaches mites inside the bedding. Mites will release fiber and start to escape and will be sucked by cyclone airflow. The Centrifugal Separation Cyclone kills more than 99% of suctioned dust mites with a powerful vibrating brush. The Plasmacluster Ions remove odor and bacteria and fluff up the fabric. It comes with easy dust disposal, washable accessories, and light body & easy handling with an aluminum alloy body.

Bosch Rechargeable vacuum cleaner BHN14090 is a handy small appliance for quick cleaning whenever you need it. With a simple design and high-quality material, it is durable and easy to use. This vacuum cleaner uses a dust box system to keep the dust with a capacity of 0.3 liters. The dust box is made of plastic. Battery cell type is NiMH, which gives high power and is environmentally friendly. Additionally, it comes with a washable filter while the dust container is also easy to empty. It also comes with a crevice nozzle to clean the area that is difficult to reach.

Electrolux Rapido Wet & Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner ZB6106WD delivers powerful dirt pick-up and faster recharge time. It helps you clean the area that is difficult to reach. ZB6106WD comes with 2 Cyclonic Action Power Settings that separates the dust particles from the airflow by ensuring that the filter does not clog. It cleans both wet and dry surfaces. It comes with a light signal to indicate the dust level in a dust container, which has a capacity of 0.5 liters.

Other techniques for choosing a vacuum cleaner. The first suggestion is to consider your needs as there are several models nowadays from various brands. Each one can serve individual needs, so It is best to select based on your usage. Next technique is to test the vacuum cleaner before purchasing. If possible, try lifting the vacuum cleaner to measure its weight and then try to vacuum a small area. You should also check the accessories that come with the vacuum cleaner and test how loud it is when it operates. It should be able to serve all of your needs, which is the most important point to consider before purchasing.