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A home appliance that will manage and clean your house like a vacuum cleaner is considered a helper to reduce the efforts of cleaning the house. It makes cleaning much simpler no matter if it is cleaning the floor or your bookshelves. However, not all vacuum cleaners are the same. We should consider based on our usage and needs. First, you should consider the size of the appliance. The size will determine the suction power as well as the cleanness level. Another thing to consider is the dust box capacity. It will determine how long you can clean for one round. Power usage is also another important factor. It will have a close relationship with how much electricity bill you will have to pay per month. Apart from cost-effectiveness, you should make sure that it is safe to use by observing the manufacturing standard and warranty. There are various types of the vacuum cleaner as follows.

Robotic vacuum cleaner, the future of cleaning

The lifestyle of people living in an urban area nowadays is stereotyped as being at a fast pace. People are now living in condos or smaller space. With the new technology that enables self-instruction, a robotic vacuum cleaner was created. It is a smart electronic appliance that comes with various functionalities. Some models can even calculate the area and the appropriate cleaning level as well. It is super convenient for an urban lifestyle. Some of the interesting models include IROBOT ROOMBA 980, ELECTROLUX PI91-5SSM, and SAMSUNG VR10M7030WG/ST.

Stick vacuum cleaner, easy to hold, easy to clean

The unique feature of this type of vacuum cleaner is the stick, which is long and narrow. It is designed to be easy to hold with one hand. You will not need to bend down to clean because the length of the stick is long enough to reach the floor. The dust box is near the end of the stick. It is designed based on ergonomics to allow for more convenient cleaning. Some of the interesting stick vacuum cleaner models are BOSCH BCH65PET, HOMIE Cyclone Power (Premium), and DIRT DEVIL DQC-DVB-THA.

Handheld vacuum cleaner, less effort for a cleaner room

A handheld vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning somewhere high up or when you need to hold the appliance with your one hand. You can change the posture easily. The appliance is considered innovative as it has to combine the ability to clean within a compact size and lightweight appliance. Some models are wireless, while some come with special features like removing dust mite or using heat to remove bacteria. Some of the interesting models are DYSON cyclone handheld vacuum cleaner HH08 MATTRESS, ELECTROLUX Rapido Wet & Dry Handheld Vacuum Cleaner ZB6106WD, and PHILIPS dust mite remover FC6230/01.

Vacuum cleaner accessories will make it easier to clean your house

Apart from the vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaner accessories are also essential to maximize the performance of the vacuum cleaner. It can be an add-on or a replacement to your vacuum cleaners such as dust bag, dust box, stick extension, and vacuum head. You can observe when you are using the vacuum cleaner to see if you need any extra accessories. Some of the interesting choices of vacuum cleaner accessory are BOSCH dust bag BBZ41FK and LACOR vacuum bag 69046.