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During this hot summer, opening the windows and allow air to flow will inevitably blow the dust into the house even in the room with air conditioners. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner becomes an essential item for cleaning your house. You should know how to use it properly to save both energy and money in your pocket at the same time.

First of all, you need to know how to buy a vacuum cleaner for the best value. You may be looking for a vacuum cleaner, but still cannot decide to buy it because you are still considering the advantages and disadvantages of each brand. However, in addition to price, quality, and durability, the things that you need to know before buying a vacuum cleaner is the vacuum cleaner type. Today, there are a variety of functions including a traditional vacuum cleaner, a vacuum cleaner that can absorb water, a vacuum cleaner that can reduce allergens, a high power vacuum cleaner, and a vacuum cleaner with other special features. Therefore, you should consider choosing the vacuum cleaner that best meets our needs for cost-effectiveness. A good vacuum cleaner may not be the most expensive one. You should consider the components of a vacuum cleaner to be reasonable with the price. Some examples include the size dust bag, whether the dust bag is washable, whether the handle is easy to hold, the power of the vacuum cleaner, and whether it is suitable for your use. You should buy a vacuum cleaner whose spare parts you can find easily.

For a house that is carpeted in a wide area, it may be better to choose a large vacuum cleaner that can store a large amount of dust as well as reduce allergens. However, for houses with limited space or condos, a vacuum cleaner that comes with a dust bag on top might be more suitable for your lifestyle. The house with carpeted stairs or area with limited space such as in the car, the canister vacuum cleaner may be more suitable. As mentioned earlier, the most expensive vacuum cleaner may not be a vacuum cleaner that meets your needs. The best vacuum cleaner should have the functionality that suits the house. The price should be reasonable when compared with the features. The spare parts should be easy to find. The vacuum cleaner itself should be easy to use for everyone in the house. The vacuum cleaner with the properties mentioned above may not be expensive. You should understand that a vacuum cleaner is an electronic appliance with a limited lifetime. Therefore, it is best not to expect that the vacuum cleaner must be durable for years. It is best to choose a vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price.

In conclusion, you should buy a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate size according to the usage, for example, a machine with a large power size is suitable for floor and carpet. On the other hand, the cement or marble floors are easy to clean, so low power vacuum cleaner is suitable as it will also save more energy. Always remove the filter or the dust bag, including a cloth bag or dust box to reduce motor operation and helps increase the efficiency of vacuuming. The vacuum cleaner should be used in a well-ventilated room in order to cool the motor body. However, you should not use it with liquids and sharp objects such as water, razor blades, and cigarettes. It will harm to the components in the machine. Use a proper vacuum cleaner component that suits the location. For example, use smaller head component for a small area while the suction nozzle is used for ceiling lamps and picture frames. Most importantly, before using a vacuum cleaner, make sure that the joints of suction pipes or parts are tight to prevent air leakage as it will make the motor work harder