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Nowadays, life is in a hurry. There is too little time before going to work in the morning. While some people might have more time to have a full course breakfast such as boiled rice, many people do not have enough time to do so. A toast is considered one of the easiest, fastest, and most adaptive food to cook and served with hot drinks or coffee at breakfast. Here is what you need to know about a toaster for a perfect breakfast.

1. You should warm a toaster up before toasting. Many people wake up and, in a hurry, immediately put the bread into the toaster. In fact, you should warm the toaster up before to let the device being really hot by activating the toaster without having to put the bread into the machine. This is to get the right temperature for the toasting. Similarly, a pastry oven also should be warmed up first.

2. Restore the heating level to default every time you use. Each type of bread takes a different period of time to cook. Typically, sweet bread (such as raisin bread) takes less time than regular bread; white bread takes less time than whole wheat bread. Even pieces of bread that come from the same loaf take a different time to cook depending on the freshness. Fresh bread usually takes a longer than the bread that is near to expire as it loses moisture.

3. Do not leave crumbs in the machine or pour it out by overturning the toaster. This is what you need to remember and follow! With hustle and bust, some people do not take the bread crumbs out after toast. In addition to being a source of germs, it makes toaster easily broken. While many people throw away bread crumbs every time using the machine, they throwing them out the wrong way by holding the toaster upside down and shake. Holding the toaster upside down may cause the bread crumbs to stick to various parts of the machine, interrupting the work of the toaster. The right way of removing is to pull the crumb tray out of the machine and pour the bread crumbs out. The toaster generally comes with a tray.

4. Use an electric toaster and small oven occasionally. In fact, a small oven can be used as a toaster also without any limitation of the size and shape of the bread. Moreover, the oven can warm almost any type of food. However, if you just want to toast a slice of bread, the toaster will be the best as it provides heat evenly and faster. Therefore, before choosing to buy a toaster or oven, consider what the purpose of your purchase is.

Do not forget to clean the toaster. The cleaning process is very easy and can be done by yourself within just 5 minutes. Starting from unplugging and checking for the safety of the electrical circuit to prevent from risks and accidents that may occur while cleaning - the most important thing to consider, holding the toaster upside down to shake the crumbs left in the machine, and removing the base of the toaster to get rid of the crumbs left in the machine again while cleaning the inner part of the machine. Last, wipe to clean the exterior of the machine. These processes clean and extend the life of your toaster.