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It is impossible for Asian and Thai households to miss a rice cooker; it is an important appliance for your kitchen to help you with cooking food. Moreover, a rice cooker is used to cook various menus nowadays, more than just rice. A rice cooker can be used for streaming, basic baking, and making pastries such as cake also. Kitchen nowadays is not used for extensive cooking. Thus, a rice cooker needs to be responsive to the cooking requirements of yours. It should also come with high technology in order to be useful worth placing in your kitchen. Here are factors for you to consider when purchasing a rice cooker.
Number of people in the household
First, you need to think about the pot size that serves the need of the people in your household. For example, if you live alone or with another person, there is no need to use a big rice cooker which is wasteful both in term of investment and electricity consumption. However, if the number of people is large, you might need a larger amount of liter for your rice cooker.

The type of rice cooker
There are many types of rice cooker available matching your needs. A standard rice cooker is more affordable. You can use it to cook rice quickly. While the quality and price are considered acceptable, the functions are not complicated and the programs couldn’t be set in advance. The pot is separated from the cooker. Another type, a rice cooker with automatic heating function, is a more popular type of rice cooker. It cooks and warms rice in. It also has a digital cooker, a digital management system. This type of rice cooker comes with many control menus and is usually better designed. It is said that the rice cooked by this type of rice cooker is generally more delicious than another. It also comes with a function to cook quickly within 10 minutes. The prices are higher according to the quality. The prices are in the thousands, but worth it.

The brand and warranty
Some of you may choose a rice cooker brand from personal experiences or according to hearsay. Normally, when buying a rice cooker, it comes with a warranty. The minimum requirement for a warranty is one year or more. So you can claim if there is a problem. Important purchasing documents are required when claiming the warranty.

BEKO RCM67023R: No sticking. Well heated.
Heating by using digital induction with extra thick lid, this rice cooker comes with automatic programs where you can set up a time to cook and warm up to 24 hours in advance. It comes with a portable 1.8-liter capacity. The pot is coated with 925 graded 2.5mm stainless steel. It comes with the 360-degree hearing technology, timer, LED display, stainless steel steamer tray, rice ladle, soup ladle, and a measuring cup.

Panasonic SR-JN185SSN: Responding to requirements from all users in all household
With the capacity of 1.8 liters, the black polyflon-coated pot makes it non-sticking and heats very well. It has a magic dome to help with vaporization preventing the overcook but keeping vitamin with the rice. It also comes with a smooth heating panel to accelerate heat making your rice ready faster. A micro-switch would cut down the electricity automatically when the pot is unusually hot. The lights indicate all steps from the start until your meal is ready.

Smart Home SRC-1003: An assistant to housewives
SRC-1003 comes with a steaming tray to help you serve rice to every meal as a special meal. It cooks fast with 400 watts and 1-liter capacity making your rice ready within a short period of time. With a steaming tray, you can use it as a streamer. It is made of good quality materials which are strong and durable. It is easy to be cleaned. Smart Home SRC-1003 is a rice cooker for your happiness at every meal.