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Kettle - provides hot water for various uses in the household

An electric kettle provides hot water for various uses in the household, such as making a hot beverage, bathing, and cleaning. The three types of the widely used electric kettle are a conventional kettle, an automatic kettle, and an air pressure automatic electric pots.

Electric kettle components are as follows.

1. Conventional kettle. There is only one component, which is a heating wire or a heater. It is a Nichrome wire wrapped with Magnesium Oxide powder. Then it is covered with metal pipes. The heating wire curls up at the bottom of the kettle. There are two electrodes connected outside to connect to the power source. When an electric current flows through the heating wire, its temperature rises. The heat will be transferred to the water until the water reaches the boiling point. If you do not unplug, the water will continue to boil until the water evaporates completely.

2. Automatic kettle. The essential components are the heating plate and the bi-metallic temperature control equipment. It adjusts the temperature by controlling the flow of the electric current through the heating plate. There are two types of heater, but both of them require that the kettle is always filled with water. If the water is below the specified level, the kettle may be damaged.

3. Air pressure automatic electric pots. This type of kettle comes with a water bottle shape but works like a kettle. It can keep the water warm as long as you wish. The essential component is the lid, which is at the top of the kettle and has a button to lock the lid. The lid acts as an air compressor when you press on the lid. An Aluminum sheet covers the inner part of the lid to prevent air from leaking. The kettle has two layers, an outer layer, and an inner layer. The outer layer acts as an insulator. It comes with water level indicator as well as a light indicator showing whether the water is 'warm' or 'boil'. The inner layer is made of Aluminum or stainless steel for filling in the water. There is a magnetic plug slot at the lower back of the kettle and two sets of heating wire at the bottom. The first set has 700 watts of power, which makes the water boil. Another set has 50 watts of power, which maintains the water temperature. There are two light bulbs, which indicates whether the water is warm or boiling. To use the kettle, open the lid, pour the water in, close the lid, and plug in the power connector to the kettle before the power source. When the water is boiled, you can unplug both sides.

To use the kettle in an energy-saving manner, first, you should buy the one with the industry standard. It is essential to fill in the water only as needed. Filling in too much water will use more electricity than needed. Additionally, do not let the water completely dry or below the minimum limit. It could cause an internal short circuit and harm the kettle. You should unplug immediately after use to save more energy. Do not leave it plugged in all the time. You should also avoid setting it up in a room with air conditioning.