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Fryer - one such innovation

The kitchenware is made to meet different requirements. As the day goes by, innovation and advancement of the kitchenware create new tools and features for better use of the kitchenware. A fryer is one such innovation. It is an electrical appliance that has been developed and used to make it more convenient to make fried food and to allow you to fry a large amount of food at once. Some models use hot air to reduce oil consumption for your better health. Electric fryers are becoming more popular because it is more convenient to use than the traditional pan and spatula. Storage is also convenient as there is no need to have a large cooking gas tank. Moreover, various functionalities are available with a lot of details, making it an appliance that is suitable for busy people. Newer generations prefer this type of fryer, and there are many brands available in the market.

Philips Airfryer HD9641/41. Great taste, less fat
The new Philips Airfryer HD9641/41 is an easy way to cook delicious dishes in a healthier way. With the unique Philips TurboStar rapid air technology, food fries with minimal oil and lots of hot air—evenly distributed throughout the basket—for crispy food that’s soft and tender on the inside. There’s no need for preheating. The basket and EasyClick handle are easy to clean. The new QuickControl dial is your main Airfryer control. Just turn it to set the right temperature, then click. Turn again to set the time then click to start cooking. You’ll also enjoy the ease of our preset programs for frozen fries, meat, fish, and drumsticks. The capacity is 0.8 kg. The new Airfryer is big enough to prepare a meal for four—while taking up less space in your kitchen.

Orbit Cicada Air Fryer. Well worth the price
Add this stylish Orbit Cicada Air Fryer from Orbit to your kitchen and fry, grill, roast, and even bake varieties of food conveniently using little or no oil. If you are on a diet, this air fryer is your ultimate solution for prepping healthy food. This beautiful air fryer comes with 3.2 Ltr capacity and has one-year warranty. Cicada Air Fryer makes cooking much easier.

TEFAL FE800 food processor creates several dishes in the wink of an eye
Make your cooking easy with TEFAL FE800 Multi-functional cooking food processor (4.5L) that comes with 6 automatic programs for homemade sauces, soups, stews, steam dishes, pastries, and desserts. It comes with 5 dedicated and efficient accessories for guaranteed results. It is suitable for every kind of cooking, from the softest to the highest thanks to its adjustable cooking temperature from 30 to 130°C. Thus, you can make multiple dishes all at once.

Durable, long-lasting, cost-effective LACOR automatic multi-function fryer 69129
LACOR 69129 will allow you to cook a variety of menus the way you want. You can cook delicious food for various occasions at your house or for cooking in hotels and restaurants. This automatic multi-function fryer 69129 uses 1500 watts of power. The standard manufacturing process, long service life, and durability are among its main features. It is also easy to clean at a price that you can easily own. It is the best solution for your cooking for all occasions. Its compact size makes it easy to store after use.

MAMARU oil-free fryer MR-AF1611B, kitchenware for you ultimate healthy lifestyle
MAMARU fryer MR-AF1611B will improve your health with its ability to fry without the use of oil. It uses 1500 watts of power to fry without oil. It keeps your body healthy by reducing 80% oil usage when cooking. Additionally, it is odor-free, easy to clean, and the temperature can be adjusted. You can create any fried menu you want with this ultimate fryer.