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Apart from the preparation of ingredients when it comes to the time of preparing food for the family, the cooking equipment is also indispensable to help perfect the meal. There are many different types of cooking equipment which are to be used differently. Despite sounds similar, the uses are different as they are designed to be used in different ways. You should use the right equipment for the right job. These are the main cooking equipment:

Food blender is suitable for preparing liquid food. If you are making a smoothie, puree, or emulsification (such as mayonnaise and salad dressing), you should use a blender to get a smooth and good taste. Meanwhile, handheld blender (or dipping blender) perform similar functions, but comes with a smaller size to save the kitchen space and is more convenient to use. The handheld blender requires you to hold it as the name suggests. It is very suitable if you do not have enough storage space, or want to cook just a small amount of food. Apart from being convenient, fast, and easy to use, you can manage it in less than a minute whether you would like to have a more or less rough texture.

Food processor is used to grinding ingredients, such as onion, cheese, carrot, and beans, or to chop garlic while the blender is used for liquid ingredients. Food processor is suitable for hard or sticky ingredients, such as vegetables or dough. If you select a correct stirrer, you can knead the dough or cut vegetables instantly.

Food mixer. If you are preparing cake dough or making cookies, you need a mixer. Normally, the device is also used for preparing omelets by people who do not want to do manually. There are two types of food mixers: desktop mixer and handheld mixer. The desktop mixer has a base that is attached to the mixing bowl which is designed to fit well with the device. This mixer has a more powerful spinning force than a handheld mixer, which is similar to a handheld blender. The handheld mixer is to be used with light works. If you have a limitation in storage or baking frequency, you should select a handheld mixer.

Food grinder. No matter a manual food grinder or a grinding bar that comes with a bowl. This is a device that is always popular in the kitchen.

Food scraper is to be used with hard fruits such as apples, pears, persimmon, and others. You can feel your children quickly by having a food scraper. It wouldn’t take long to scrape food to your children.

Basic equipment in the kitchen. Apart from the aforementioned devices, if you do not find it easy for you to purchase, then you can use basic equipment in the kitchen, including knife, spoon, fork, or ladle to help grind, chop or scrape food.

Steamer. Many of us often avoid boiling vegetables or meats due to concerns about losing vitamin and nutritional value. Therefore, the streamer is very popular equipment because, in addition to being easy to use, it helps to maintain the nutritional value of food.

Ice tray.  Many people wonder how the ice tray helps with cooking. This equipment is actually another important equipment that is indispensable. You can make soup or blended boiled or steamed vegetables, then pour them into an ice tray. Later, you can just remove from the block when you would like to use them. It is both convenient and easy to use. Especially to the new generation who likes cute stuff, ice tray, not only comes with regular rectangular shape, but with various shapes including heart, fish, flower, and animal faces.