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Electric oven - no limited to making bakery or difficult menus

Nowadays, the usage of oven is not limited to making bakery or difficult menus. With the trends of DIY cooking of a variety of menu, people are learning to use electric oven more. It starts from a usage of small oven for easy recipe without complexity, people are using a larger oven as to bake and cook a more variety recipe of food and bakery following their improved cooking performance. In order to select an electric oven, there are key considerations to consider before buying an electric oven as to make it the most efficient. As an electric oven comes in a variety of prices, therefore, you should consider an oven that is appropriate with many factors.

The capacity of the oven that is appropriate to the actual use

Because an oven could be in different sizes from 10 liters to 70 liters, you should calculate how much would you require at a time of cooking. If you do not open a shop to sell a lot each day, a small oven is sufficient.

Functions and proper method of usage

You should check the functions and methods of usage that are suitable to your usage, for example, whether the heating lights can that be turned on both at the same time and separately, time setting, desired temperature controlling, etc. It is important to have a temperature controller as it affects the cooking temperature.

Safety and warranty

You should select an oven that has high safety and warranty. You should check the warranty period of the machine and the heater whether it shares the same period. You should also check whether the production is with certified standard.

Reasonable pricing and power consumption

Prior to the purchase, you should set a preliminary budget as to buy an oven at a reasonable price. The amount of power consumption should also be appropriate with the quality. Qualifying these factors will be considered as a success in the purchase a good oven from a variety of interesting models to choose from.

5-in-1 oven with all functions ELECTROLUX EMS3482SE

ELECTROLUX electric oven EMS3482SR comes with IQ Touch technology which is easy to use with simple touch. The Quick Start button makes the oven starts immediately. The cooking can be timed up to 95 minutes. Rose gold table-top 34-liter 5-in-1 microwave oven comes with NutriTaste steam function where it has 1,500 watt steaming power to bake different kind of recipe. The process is fast and keep nutrients of healthy food. It can be used in multi-purpose for good health. There is also a child-lock function to prevent dangers to children while in use.

Anitech S101, a double oven for your appropriate use

A double deck oven, Anitech S101, is designed to be large in order to bake more food. It has 2 trays, and is easy to use. You can set the time to cook different menus, whether main course or dessert. It is made of premium quality stainless. The size, including package, is 28.5 cm width, 28.5 cm length, and 35 cm height. It is compact, suitable with a small kitchen.

Affordable heating with MAMARU MR-1606D

The halogen oven MAMARU MR-1696D is made of a durable thick clear glass which heat up food according to the digital control knob. It has temperature and timer screen. The halogen oven helps you cook and warm up food. It has a beautiful design and is compact. The temperature can be set at 60-250 degree celcius. With the capacity of 12 liters, the timer can be set up to 60 minutes. You can cook different kind of food, including grilling, baking, stir-frying, and heating. The cup is made from quality material, where you can see your food while it works. The system is digitally controlled with a display of temperature and timer. It is safe for your health, and reduce the usage of cooking oil. You can select from various options.