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Cookware & Utensils - one of the most important items

Among different houseware items, cookware is considered to be one of the most important items. It is absolutely indispensable for all household. Cookware basically serves cooking functions where it helps you stir-frying, frying, cooking, warming, stewing, boiling, and steaming. For the container, there are several types. Prior to the purchase and usage, for efficiency, you should consider the size, quantity, and capacity that is suitable for the number of members in the household. You should also use the container appropriately. There should be a safety guarantee and certified standard from the related agency, and you should select the cookware that is the best value and suitable for your actual use.

Tefal knife - K0250114: Sharp for all cutting works, made of excellent materials.
The 8-inch cutting knife K0250114 from Tefal will be assisting you, the chef, to prepare food at home. For efficient use, Tefal has designed the knife that is easy to use. The handle that matches anatomically with your hand makes it easy for you to cook. The knife is welded by stainless steel. The handle is made of ABS with 3CR13 stainless blade. Tefal has considered to all types of usage to impress you with no matter what material you cut.

Stir-fry and fry comfortably with durable and scratch-free LACOR granite pan – 24128
Made in Spain, the 28-centimeter granite pan LACOR 24128 helps you stir-fry and fry comfortably as it is scratch-free, non-sticking, granite-coated, strong and durable. It gives a suitable temperature for cooking which gives your food a delicious taste. It is easy to be cleaned and is safe. This cookware is made of natural materials and conduct heat quickly. It can be used with all kind of stokes, such as gas stove, electric stove, and electromagnetic stove.

MAMARU MR-P161 two-handle pot for good quality multi-purpose usage
For those who are looking for good quality and durable pot for Shabu or two-way cooking, Mamaru MR-P161 is a shabu pot for you to cook your favorite menu. The 28-centimeter shabu pot allows you to enjoy as it is capable of a big portion of meat and vegetable at the same time. The pot is made of good quality stainless. It is safe, shiny, attractive, and deep. It can contain a high amount of food and comes with a matching glass cover. The handles are easy to be used and are very durable.

Quick heat conduction with LACOR stainless pressure steaming pot 71874
LACOR stainless pressure steaming pot 71874 is made of high-quality stainless. It saves your cooking time due to its quick heat conduction to help food to be thoroughly cooked. LACOR stainless pressure steaming pot 71874 makes your cooking process easy. With the capability of 4 liters, the pot is made of good, strong, thick, and durable stainless. There is a heating plate beneath the pot to fasten the heating, resulting in a non-sticking and non-burning food. It bears the pressure of 0.8 bar, making it fast to cook soft food. It can be used with different menus, such as boiling and steaming in a limited time, making it more efficient and convenient.

Tefal Easy Care A762S944 9-pan set, the value that comes together in a set.
The set of Tefal Easy Care A762S944 will non-sticking heat your food thoroughly. Made in France with European standard, it is No. 1 sales worldwide in the category of non-sticking coated cookware. Tefal, the world’s first patented owner since 1956, offers a set of pans for your variety cooking method that is safe for health and environment. The set of nine pans includes a 12-cm egg frying pan, 20-cm and 24-cm flat pan, 14-cm pot with long handle, 16-cm and 18-cm pot with long handle and lid, and 3 spatulas. In addition, there is also a thermostat to indicate the appropriate temperature for your cooking. The product is non-sticking coated for 5 levels with good heat conduction. It makes you cook delicious recipe easily.