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Blenders & Juicers - used to prepare and smoothen rough ingredients

In a tropical country as Thailand, everyone seeks for ways to reduce heat and create freshness. A glass of cold drink is not a bad way to create freshness as well; and a blender is what cannot be missed. Apart from making cold drinks, a blender can also make healthy drinks, too. Healthy drinks are guaranteed to benefit to our bodies more than soft drinks or sweet drinks. There are two types of blender functions for you to select according to your taste and style: to blend by keeping fruit and vegetable’s fibers, and to blend with fibers separated for pure juices. There is also a similar tool, a chopper, which is to be used to prepare and smoothen rough ingredients. From options available in a variety of brands, there are ways to select a blender which is suitable to your kitchen and usage the most.

Convenience and usability matching your usage style
A good blender should be able to be removed parts for cleaning as it is used with different ingredients and touches from different users. There are two types of machine: A glass blender, designed to blend primarily juices, the glass part of a glass blender can be used as a drinking glass directly after the blending process. Some models are not large, but are good in speed and convenience of usage. Some models focus on the portability where they come with lids making a part of blender become a portable drinking glass on the go. However, for a family of larger number of people, a larger blender is more suitable, a general blender. A general blender can blend a lot of drinks, but you should not fill in more than half of the blender jar with ingredients, otherwise the machine works too hard. After the blending process, a part must be removed and you have to pour the drinks into another container.

The power of blender motor
The power of the motor should be enough to the amount of ingredient you fill into the machine. For a small amount of ingredient for personal use, the power of the motor should be at least 200 watts; and the power should increase according to the amount of ingredient you fill in. The power of the machine can generally be found at the base of the machine or at the box. The number ends with W or watts. In case of uncertainty, you can ask the salesperson the power of the machine. If you want to purchase a machine for commercial use or for a restaurant, the power of the motor should be at least 600 watts. If you sell more than 100 glasses per day, the power of over 1,000 watts is preferable, otherwise the motor may burn or deteriorate quickly.

Durable and strong material with high standard
In overall, a blender should be made from a good-graded plastic which is safe to be used with food. The blades should be made of stainless due to the durability and rust-free. On the other hand, some models come with high blending power, but made of low-quality materials as to reduce the cost of production. These models do not last long and might come with easily broken plastics, leaking blending jar, and blunted and rusted blades. Moreover, you should consider a machine with certified standard, such as TISI certification, Energy saving ‘Number 5’ certification, and the trusted brand for safe usage.