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Kitchen Appliances - one of the tools which come in a different types for each of the every cooking process

While using kitchen, we all need tools to facilitate our cooking. Kitchen appliances are one of the tools which come in a different types for each of the every cooking process. Especially nowadays where daily life is a rush, home and kitchen electrical appliances are indispensable. They facilitate us in food preparation, cooking, heating, cold-storing, utensils washing, and others. However, each kitchen appliances is important differently, we should consider what kind of tool needed to be used and what are the priorities. Those tools which are not needed immediately are not worth buying. There are many interesting models of kitchen electrical appliance available.

SMART HOME WPD-2001 induction cooker. Cooking Smart.

Enjoy your special meal with SMART HOME WPD-2001 induction cooker. All delicious menu are available for you. The induction cooker is durable and with quality as it is made of the best materials. It comes with 120-2200 Watt. The top of the cooker is made of ceramic. It has 8 functions for you to choose. The design is beautiful. There are buttons that are clearly indicated and easy to use. You will be comfortable to cook as much as possible.

PHILIPS HD9220 Air Fryer. Creatively cook with hot air and get rid of excess fat.

PHILIPS HD9220 comes with 1,400 watts of power and 2.2 liters capacity. Using unique Rapid Air technology, it helps you to fry food with air making food crispy outside but soft inside with less or no oil at all for the perfect texture and delicious flavor. Air Fryer allows you to fry, bake, roast and grill food and snack with less fat than traditional frying. The smell is also less, too. Also, it is easy to clean, safe, and economical for daily use. The built-in timer allows up to 30 minutes in advance of cooking time. The automatic power-off function has a "ready-to-use" sound. The perfect temperature control allows you to set a good cooking temperature in advance up to 200 degrees. You can enjoy yellowed fried food, crispy snack, meat, and much more. All of which will be prepared in an accurate time and temperature for the best cooking result.

ELECTROLUX EMB3025 Blender. Your multi-purpose assistant.

ELECTROLUX EMB3025 comes with a perfect blender jar that is suitable with your kitchen. It is durable and easy to be cleaned. It safes your health, relieves thirst, and brings you vegetable and fruit nutrients. It is portable as the jar can be removed as a water cylinder. It is made of quality, safe, non-absorbent of color and smell, and tritan BPA free materials. It can also be disassembled for cleansing as well.

Rice cooking pot RK7405. Easy to cook rice, more comfortable than other models.

Eating rice is one of the happiness moments. Especially when the rice is cooked to the right ripeness. We would like to introduce you a digital rice cooking pot from TEFAL, the RK7405. It comes with 1.5 liter capacity and 750 watt power that fragrantly and soft cook your rice. There are 9 functions to select, and very suitable to a home chef to cook happiness to everybody in the family.

DELIZI LF-6205 Juicer. Juice with full nutrients.

DELIZI LF-6205 Juicer is an innovative juicer that extract using auger which spins as low as 43 round-per-minute, preventing the destruction of enzymes and nutrients that might be destroyed by the process of traditional juicing. The juicer keep nutrients and flavor of the fruit, leaving clear juice which is easy for you to drink and easy for your body to absorb nutrients faster. The auger and filter is made of materials. There are 3 filters bundled which are, rough filter, fine filter, and smoothie filter. Importantly, it also work silently.