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Imagine how good it would be if you could make your own dresses or fix your worn out clothes without sending them to the tailor shop? Just having a good sewing machine and your personal skills is already enough. Therefore, today we will introduce how to select a suitable sewing machine that will satisfy you in terms of both price and quality. The buying principles are as follows.
Buying principles and methods

Visit the actual shop
Dealer shops or counters at department stores are a good place to buy. You can immediately ask them about the models you are interested in. You can also take their brochures to see whether there is any interesting model you want. At some shops, you might be able to try them first and making a decision later. We suggest you to visit at least 2-3 stores to compare the price and service. Additionally, if you buy it at the right moment, you might also get some free gifts back home as well.
Considering pros/cons and compare among the models
When you have initial information and have some models or brands that you are interested in, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages of one. Which model or which brand is most suitable for use? The after sales services should also be considered in order to make the decision to buy one. Moreover, you need to see whether the price of the selected model or brand is in the budget or not.
Checking the money in the pocket
There must be some times that you go over budget when buying some things just because you think paying a little bit more will get you better quality products. This is an important issue and we already mentioned in the previous section that you should start with the one within your budget first. Because some extra features might not be worth the money if you would never use it. But if you are certain that these features will be fully used, that it might be worth paying this additional cost.
Revisit the store again and choose the one that best suits you
When you have finished answering all your questions and confidently known which brand and model to buy. You can now go back to that store and get it. However, you should make sure about the price, product, and service again as well as check the product thoroughly. After everything is all set, just pay and bring it home.
After acquired the machine, more importantly, you should also take a good care of it so that it will stay with you for a long time to make it more cost-effective use. Let’s see how to maintain the sewing machine.
Sewing machine maintenance
- Lubrication or oiling should be applied at least once a week at the point where the mark is defined as well as other crank joints. You can simply use 1-2 oil drops per point (do not drop oil while the machine is running).

- If you will not be using the machine for a long time, you should apply clear grease to all metal parts to prevent rust. Also you should fully cover the machine after every use.
- You should not keep the machine close to any moisture because it might cause rust. 
So what do you think of our sewing machine buying guide? If you are interested, you can try to apply these principles to you buying. Also we suggest you to read the manual before using the machine for the maximum efficiency as well.