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The iron is typically used to remove wrinkles from fabric. However, there are actually other usages of an iron that you may have never thought of before. It requires some creativity and techniques. First, iron can be used to remove candle wax from fabric. Place the offending item in the freezer and leave it in there for around thirty minutes. Next, remove the fabric and use a knife to scrape off the cold wax. Place a paper bag over the wax, find your iron and set it to low heat. Run the iron over the bag on the remaining wax and the paper will absorb what's left. Remove dents with an iron. If you've accidentally dropped something on your wooden coffee table and left a big horrible dent, then it's time to pick up your iron again. Wet the dent and place a damp paper towel over it. Turn the iron to a hot setting and in circular motions, move it over the dent for a few minutes. Check to see if the dent is decreasing intermittently and add more water until the dents have risen up. Get rid of heat stains on wooden tables. Well, this looks like magic. If your poor wooden table has suffered from heat stains, place a tea towel down on the stain and circle it over the table. Lift off the tea towel and rub the table quickly with a cloth. The stains will vanish! Get chewing gum off your clothes. Finding chewing gum on your clothes is SO ANNOYING. This solution comes from Persil. Place a piece of clean cardboard on a flat surface, then place the item of clothing gum-side down on top. Set the iron to medium and iron the garment on the back. Once the gum becomes softer, it should stick to the cardboard. Finally, peel your clothing away and the gum should be left behind on the cardboard. Make a trendy DIY Graphic Tee. You can use an iron to stick an adhesive graphic decoration to your clothes. You can make your own unique design at home.

There are many other usages of an iron that you can find on the Internet. Today, there are many models from various brands for you to choose based on your lifestyle and needs. Power Buy would like to suggest the following models.

Smart Home Iron SDIR-010 comes with 1000 w that will remove wrinkles from your clothes. It is compact, beautifully designed, and easy to use. No matter how many clothing items you have, it will remove all the wrinkles away easily. It is convenient with a 1.6-meter cable and is safe to use with automatic thermal fuse technology. It also receives a safety standard from the Thai Industrial Standards Institute.

The GC1434 comfort steam iron from Philips makes your ironing easy and effective with lots of continuous steam and the non-stick soleplate makes your gliding easier. With comfort iron, the ironing job is now made simpler. Power up to 2000 W enables constant high steam output. Continuous steam up to 25g/min for better crease removal. The iron's 90 g steam boost enables you to easily remove even the most stubborn creases. The tip of this Philips iron is precise in 3 ways: it has a pointed tip, button groove and sleek design of the nose. Triple Precision tip enables you to reach even into the most tricky areas, e.g. around the buttons or between the pleats.