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"Clothes" is a factor that will determine the first impression in society. For example, designers must dress fashionably to impress their customers while business people must wear crisp clothes to make them look presentable. If the clothes you wear have wrinkles and ceases, it may affect your look and first impression. Therefore, iron is the ideal appliance to help enhance your look and personality and remove wrinkles from your clothes.

There are three types of iron as follows.

A dry iron can be as light as 1.5 lbs. The main component is plastic with a thin heating plate, which can either be a normal plate or a Teflon plate. It is suitable for thin fabrics that do not require much pressure such as nylon, chiffon, poly, and silk. It generally comes with a control to adjust the heat level as well. Before the heat controller was available, the heat is controlled by plugging and unplugging the iron. If you wanted more heat, you had to plug it back. Today, this model is no longer available in the market. A dry iron comes in various sizes from 2 lbs for fabrics that do not require much pressure to 3.5 lbs for normal fabrics. It also comes in 4.5 lbs for thicker fabrics that require more pressure such as cotton 100 and linen. The structure of the iron is mostly metal for strength and durability. The handle is plastic as well as the heat adjustment controller that allows you to adjust the heat based on your needs.

A steam iron comes with an internal compartment for filling in the water, which is used to create steam. It can produce different levels of steam continuously. It can also produce a turbo power steam as well as spraying water on our clothes while ironing. It will make ironing your clothes more convenient. Steam iron releases the steam from the heating plate. The steam level depends on how you adjust it. For a turbo power steam, more steam will come out as the heating plate is hotter. Therefore, the heating plate must be spaced to keep the heating plate enough distance to create steam.

High-pressure steam generator can help you iron clothes faster and easier. It is suitable for synthetic fabrics. This type of iron comes in two models, which are non-refillable and automatic refillable. 

The non-refillable type allows you to fill in the water once per round. If the water runs out, you cannot refill it instantly as you need to wait for the boiler to cool down. The first boiling period is a little longer. However, the advantage of this type is higher steam power, which is more obvious when you iron vertically. 
The automatic refillable type allows you to refill the water into a separate water tank, which comes in both fixed and removable. This refillable type has less steam power, but it can generate steam faster as compensation. You can also use it continuously without pause. Simply fill in the water in the tank to the specified level. 

As you can see, there are many different types of iron & garment care. You should choose the type of iron based on the fabrics to preserve the life of the fabrics. Don't forget that crisp smooth clothes will help enhance your look and personality!