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In today’s era where technology is moving beyond, doing anything can be convenient as the inventors are inventing things, including toothbrush as well, to meet the needs of people. Since childhood, we have been taught to keep the whole body, including the mouth, clean. We normally brush our teeth at least two minutes for twice a day to prevent tooth decay. The correct brushing technique is to flick the wrist briefly rhythmically and gently. Choosing the right toothbrush, along with brushing properly, can prevent the occurrence of plaque which causes gingivitis. Leaving plaque, including tea and coffee, to the tooth surface for a long time causes irritation to the gums around the teeth, and in the long term, gingivitis. Gums swelling red, teeth looked longer because the gums recede, and bleeding while brushing are the signs of gingivitis which also cause bad breath. Selecting a toothbrush that is suitable for the oral has an effect on cleanliness as well.

The electric toothbrush is one of the oral and dental cleaning devices. It is used for teeth brushing, similar to a general toothbrush, but with the difference that it requires no force to brush. There are many types and prices of electric toothbrush such as battery-powered brush, wired brush, and rechargeable brush. The electric toothbrush is easy to use: charging or inserting batteries, applying toothpaste on the brush, using the toothbrush, and pressing the button for the toothbrush to work. The toothbrush works by using vibration to get rid of plaques and food attached to the teeth.

The pros of electric toothbrush include its ability to brush our teeth effectively automatically while we hold the brush 45 degree and easy to use. Many research shows that plaque-eliminating electric toothbrush can prevent gingivitis better than a general toothbrush. It also helps children to enjoy brushing by creating a positive feeling to brushing. Some models have a timer so the user knows when to stop.

The cons of electric toothbrush include its limitations where you need to charge or insert batteries. It costs higher than the general toothbrush. It is also not as convenient as a general toothbrush when you need to carry or travel as it requires you to carry both toothbrush and charger altogether. They are also fragile when falling to the ground.

There are many models of an electric toothbrush to recommend, such as Oral-B PRO 3000. This model comes with a special round brush to help to whiten your teeth. It cleans dynamically by rotate, pulse, and vibrate to remove plaque automatically. There are 3 modes: daily clean, gum care, and sensitive. The brush rotates at 8,800 round-per-minute and moves vertically at 40,000 time-per-minute. It alerts after 2 minutes of brushing. We also recommend Oral-B PRO 500 electric toothbrush which cleans your teeth and gum softly. It moves vertically at 20,000 time-per-minute and alerts after 2 minutes of brushing.