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The continuous growth of the beauty business makes it a remarkable industry worldwide. Beauty trends have played a vital role for people of all ages. It is no longer limited to only women, but also includes men as well. Beauty accessories are one of the factors of the beauty industry's rapid growth. There are many products of various purposes, usage, and price range. Let's get to know more about fascinating health & beauty care and beauty accessories.

Kuron Mini Brush KU0087 White
It helps cleanse your face deeply and gently without hurting your skin. The brush head can rotate 360 degrees. There are two adjustable speeds. The first level is for daily skin cleansing. The second level is for deep skin cleansing for the area that needs special care. Your skin will be instantly clear with the Deep Cleansing feature. The refined brush helps clean cosmetic stain and remove any dirt or residues gently without hurting your skin. The 0.03mm Fine Nylon Softening brushes are three times smaller than hands. It can clean the face deeply without hurting your skin. The 2 Speed Rotate allows you to control the brush speed. The first level is 290 rounds/minute for daily use. The second level is 420 rounds/minute for exfoliating your skin. It eliminates the cause of acne and reveals new skin cells that are smooth, clear, and radiant. You will look younger than ever. 

Price 790 Thai Baht (please check the price and promotion before purchasing)

Panasonic Nail Care ES-WC20
Effortless nail care with easy-to-use attachments. Now you can enjoy professional-level nail care at home with electronic nail care. Nail care made easy with Panasonic Nail Care ES-WC20 that comes with four attachments to let you give bare nails a beautiful, natural gloss. Electric polishing also means quick, easy nail care even when you're busy. It uses an AA battery and comes with four attachments. 

Price 1,290 Thai Baht (please check the price and promotion before purchasing)

Le'sasha Heated Eyelash Curler Brush with LED Light (Pink) LS0943
The compact-size eyelash curler is easy to use and easy to carry. The material used is of high quality. Electric brush silicone bending heat conductor increases the curvature of the eyelashes to look beautiful naturally. It lasts throughout the day. The silicone will change color from red to clear, indicating that it is ready to use. There are also LEDs for ease of use. It can be used before and after mascara. The battery used is a single AAA.

Price 390 Thai Baht (please check the price and promotion before purchasing)

LE SASHA LS0960 Nail Polish Dryer 2 in 1
Make nail polish and nail art easy. Now you can do it yourself at home! It will be beautiful, shiny, and fast. It is the solution to the women needs. You will enjoy polishing the color on your nails and decorate them by yourselves how you like it. It will be as if your nails are done by professionals. It can be used for both manicure and pedicure. The wind will let the nail polish dry quickly while the UV light adds shine and durability to the nail polish. It is easy to use and is super convenient with the usage buttons. It is small, compact, and easy to carry. It uses 3 AAA batteries and is certified by the industry standard. Price 790 Thai Baht (please check the price and promotion before purchasing)

These are interesting hair & beauty care products that we bring to you. Today, choosing products is easily done through online channels. You can consider the information from the manufacturer as well as the product review from users before purchasing. Delivery now is also fast, so hurry up and order hair & beauty care products today.