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2-Tub Washing Machine 14/9 kg VH-L150MT

2-Tub Washing Machine 14/9 kg VH-L150MT

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Product specification
  • Washing tank size (kg): 14
  • Spin dryer size (kg): 9
  • Spinning speed (rpm): 980
  • Number of washing programs (programs): 2
  • Motor system:AC Motor


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About the Product

Product Details


  • The lid of the washing machine is transparent. You can easily see all the working status of the machine.
  • The body is made of high quality polymer, strong, durable, will not rust and reduce stains.
  • Dirt filter set, strong, durable, can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • Soaking function No worries about deep-seated stains. Able to soak clothes for up to 20 minutes.


  • Please consult the manual before use.
  • It should not be placed in an area with too high a temperature.
  • Should not be placed in a location with high humidity.
  • should be moved with caution to prevent damage
  • If any abnormality is found in use, turn off the power and unplug. Then contact a qualified technician to fix it.

Toshiba VH-L150MT top-loading twin tub washing machine with a transparent lid that can see the inner workings. Comes with a dirt filter and Air Dry spin system that makes washing easy.  

Toshiba Twin Tub Washing Machine, a modern innovation. Conveniently track the washing status
have a long service life Reduce the chance of rusting With a polymer body that is full of efficiency.
More convenient than ever Toshiba Top Load Twin Tub Washing Machine comes with a high quality filter set that is strong and durable. You can soak your clothes for up to 20 minutes with the Soak function of the Toshiba Twin Tub Washing Machine. Helps to remove deep stains


  • Drum size (kg): 14
  • Spin tank size (kg): 9
  • Spin speed (r/min): 980
  • Number of washing programs (programs):2
  • Soaking system: Yes
  • Motor system:AC Motor
  • The maximum amount of water used (liters): 115
  • Body made of material: Polypropylene
  • Washing tub made of material: Polypropylene
  • Others: transparent tank lid Dirt filter set, Air Dry spinning system

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