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Air Conditioner 9000 BTU Inverter (White) AR10DYEABWKNST

Air Conditioner 9000 BTU Inverter (White) AR10DYEABWKNST

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Product specification
  • Size(BTU specified on energy saving label):9000
  • Save on fiber 5 (stars): 3
  • TIS (Yes/No): 1529-2018, 2134-2010
  • Fast Cooling
  • Good Sleep
  • Auto Clean
  • WindFree

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About the Product

Product Details


  • Digital Inverter Compressor
  • WindFree Cooling
  • Good Sleep
  • Auto Clean
  • SmartThings


  • Should not be installed near flammable gas storage areas.
  • The air conditioner should be installed by an expert technician.
  • Make sure the ground wire is installed.
  • Check the sewer connection every time
  • The remote control should be kept out of the reach of children.

Air conditioner Samsung model AR10DYEABWKNST Comes with Digital Inverter Compressor technology to help save more energy and maintain a cool, comfortable room temperature. Including the WindFree Cooling function, cool and comfortable, the wind doesn't hit your body.


WindFree Cooling
Helps distribute cool air gently and silently through 23,000 small holes, so you don't feel too cold from the cool air hitting your skin. It also has an advanced air flow system. It also helps cool the room more widely and throughout the room than before.


Digital Inverter Compressor

Works more efficiently, quietly, and lasts longer than before. It also reduces energy consumption by up to 73%*. Adjust to the temperature you want.


Auto Clean
Auto Clean mode cleans the air. Helps prevent the accumulation of bacteria and fungi.                        ;        
Good Sleep Mode
Creates a comfortable sleep environment gradually. Lower the temperature throughout the night. with temperature control that helps you feel relaxed


Electricity cost per year + Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star) there may be changes. Can check at https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/page/labelno5