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Air Conditioner FTM Series 9200 BTU Inverter FTM09PV2S + Pipe RA-CN-R32

Air Conditioner FTM Series 9200 BTU Inverter FTM09PV2S + Pipe RA-CN-R32

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Product specification
  • Size(BTU listed on energy saving label):9200
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star):0
  • SEER energy saving efficiency:13.28
  • TIS 1155-2557 , 2134-2553, 1529-2561

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About the Product

Product Details

  • Powerful Mode, cools quickly, saves energy
  • Air Quality Filter filters fine dust PM2.5, deodorizes, inhibits bacteria and viruses.
  • R32 refrigerant is environmentally friendly.
  • Special, durable cooling fins coated with anti-corrosion substances.
  • Lizard Proof Design prevents damage caused by animals.
  • Do not use benzene, thinner, polish, or chemical dust removers.
  • Do not wash the device with water. as it may cause electric shock
  • Do not touch the aluminum fins as this may cause injury.
  • Clean the indoor unit and remote control with a damp cloth.
  • Before cleaning, turn off the main switch and turn off the circuit breakers.


Daikin FTM Series air conditioner cools quickly and saves energy. With R32 refrigerant, environmentally friendly.


Daikin FTM Series FTM-PV2S Inverter air conditioning system, cool and comfortable without worry. Provides high cooling efficiency With R32 refrigerant, cools quickly, extremely cold, saves energy. Reduces the greenhouse effect with Powerful Mode and helps stop germs and filters PM2.5 dust.


Function to quickly adjust the temperature to cool the room

Speed up the compressor's duty cycle and maximize airflow. Helps adjust the room temperature to drop faster than normal cooling mode. After 20 minutes, it will automatically return to normal cooling mode. *Powerful mode's working time may be shorter depending on room temperature conditions.

Filter to stop germs & filter fine dust PM2.5

The latest filter that not only filters fine dust PM2.5, but also helps suppress unwanted odors. allergens, viruses and bacteria effectively With Enzyme Blue technology, it has been tested to effectively inhibit germs.


R32 refrigerant

R32 is an environmentally friendly refrigerant used for the first time in Thailand by Daikin. It has more cooling capacity than R22 and R410A refrigerants, making the compressor not work as hard. As a result, it cools quickly and saves energy. Does not destroy the ozone layer and has a global warming potential (GWP) 3 times less than R410A. In Japan, cumulative sales of wall-mounted split-type air conditioners using R32 have reached more than one million units.

Electricity cost per year + Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star) there may be changes. Can check at https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/page/labelno5