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Air Conditioner 18100 BTU Inverter (White) FTKM18YV2S+RKM18YV2

Air Conditioner 18100 BTU Inverter (White) FTKM18YV2S+RKM18YV2

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Product specification
  • Size(BTU listed on energy saving label):18,100
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • Save on fiber 5 (stars): 3
  • ECO MODE: Yes
  • Air purification system: Yes
  • Smart control via WIFI system

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  • Size(BTU specified on energy saving label):18100
  • INVERTER system: Yes
  • Save on fiber 5 (stars): 3
  • ECO MODE: Yes
  • Air purification system: Yes
  • Smart control via WIFI system


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Daikin Air Conditioner 18100 BTU Inverter (White) FTKM18YV2S+RKM18YV2


Phenomenal value...Order without worry Cool quickly in 1 minute with the new Powerful mode and save fiber 5 DAIKIN MOBILE CONTROLLER Access your air conditioner easily with Daikin Mobile Controller, an application that allows you to connect to your air conditioner via Smartphone and internet signal Control the operation of the adjuster. Intelligent air, anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are in the world. HUMIDITY SENSOR checks the humidity in the room to help prevent dripping water. When the air conditioner speeds up continuous cooling, it cools quickly and without interruption. STREAMER TECHNOLOGY How to find a job? The Streamer machine will release electrons. high speed electricity Running and hitting the molecules in the air It will create 4 types of unstable and high-energy molecules that have the ability to destroy germs. INTELLIGENT EYE SENSOR Intelligent eye system. You can easily save more energy with just one button. Just press the Intelligent Eye button on the air conditioner remote. Will reduce energy use When there are no people in the room, 3D SWING is cool all over the room. Better than ordinary blades in general air conditioners that can only adjust the blades along the top-bottom line, 3D Swing blades can be adjusted both top-bottom. and along the left-right direction Send cool air far and wide to every corner of the room. New Powerful mode blows cool air quickly. With new High Speed Swing Compressor technology, it helps cool faster than before. Reduce the air temperature from the cooling coil quickly by more than 10 degrees Celsius within 1 minute.
SELF-HYGIENE BOOSTER self-cleaning system and blowing air to remove humidity Self-cleaning system Wash and dry the evaporator coil. Just press and hold the MOLD button C? for 2 seconds. The system will help clean the inside of the evaporator coil. PUSH for 2 sec by condensing moisture into water droplets. Rinse the dirt accumulated inside the machine and dry it with air. to expel moisture Keep the evaporator coil clean, reducing the accumulation of dirt and musty odors. ENERGY SAVING Saves energy when working at the lowest rpm. Continuous cooling even at night when it's cooler. COANDA AIRFLOW: Sends air far up to the ceiling. Distribute cool air to every corner of the room. AIR QUALITY FILTER: Helps filter PM2.5 dust and helps stop bacteria. With biological substance Enzyme Blue
SUPER PCB PRO: Withstands unstable voltages 150-264V and withstands surges up to 450V. Prevents damage to the electrical circuit board from returning after a power outage. SELF-HYGIENE BOOSTER: Cooling cleanliness mode. Reduces the accumulation of dirt and germs. QUIET OPERATION MODE: Outdoor Unit works quietly with low noise. And the sound is quiet at only 40 dB(A) when the hot coil is running at its lowest speed. LIZARD PROOF DESIGN: Reduce the size of the various holes that can access the circuit board to only 4 mm to help prevent damage caused by animals.


Electricity cost per year + Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star) there may be changes. Can check at https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/page/labelno5