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Air Conditioner Copper 11 20400 BTU Inverter 42TVEA024

Air Conditioner Copper 11 20400 BTU Inverter 42TVEA024

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Product specification
  • Wi-fi / Voice Control
  • Copper coil, removable drain tray, easy to clean
  • PM 2.5 dust filter
  • Salf Cleaning Automatic cleaning

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About the Product

Product Details



  • PM 2.5 FILTER
  • PRODUCT WARRANTY 5 YEARS                                                                                                  


  • It should not be installed near areas where flammable gases are stored.
  • Air conditioners should be installed by skilled technicians.
  • Make sure that the ground wire is installed.
  • Always check the drain connection.
  • The remote should be kept out of the reach of children.                                                                                                                              

Carrier COPPER 11 Inverter Wall Type air conditioner, durable and worthwhile!!

If you want a long-lasting wall-mounted air conditioner, Carrier COPPER 11 Series is the best choice. In addition to saving energy and also has a PM 2.5 dust filter and Wi-Fi Built In to make air conditioning control more convenient Can be ordered via the Carrier In The Air application or by voice command via a smartphone.

Copper Coil
Use the air conditioner without interruption with durable safety features that are ready for you to use the air conditioner efficiently. Help extend the service life. And save maintenance costs starting from the selected material like Copper Coil, a copper coil that is resistant to corrosion in all weather conditions. up to use that gives you no worries when faced with a power outage Lightning overload with Anti-Shock system to protect electrical circuit fluctuations, including Auto Restart that allows you to rest continuously in the event of a power outage, power failure, and the air conditioner automatically resumes

Self Cleaning
take a full breath Throughout the rest, Copper 11 comes with features that help your home be filled with clean, fresh air. Help filter small dust Effectively with PM 2.5 Filter and helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria and viruses. One of the causes of humidity Musty smell and allergies With Aqua Resin coating on the evaporator coil and Self Cleaning, the air conditioner automatically cleans itself.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Easy and comfortable
Experience a comfortable vacation. with functional features that send the air conditioner to cool far away thoroughly in every corner of the room Change the relaxation angle as you wish. Dont be afraid of the heat with Big Airflow, as well as making life easy with Extra Cleaning, an easy-to-remove air conditioner drain tray for more cleaning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Energy saving
Take a long rest and dont be afraid of money in your pocket. Allowing you to fully enjoy the coolness comfortably with the inverter air conditioner system that works quietly and cools continuously without interruption. With the compressor working too constant speed You can rest without interruption. Ready to be comfortable with all my heart. Electricity bills are not high with economical air conditioners. Energy is guaranteed with energy saving label No. 5

Carrier COPPER 11 Inverter Wall Type air conditioner

Electricity cost per year + Energy Saving Label No.5 (Star) there may be changes. Can check at https://www.powerbuy.co.th/th/page/labelno5