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Built-in Oven (3600 W, 71 L) HBG672BS1A
BOSCH Built-in Oven (3600 W, 71 L) HBG672BS1A
BOSCH Built-in Oven (3600 W, 71 L) HBG672BS1A
BOSCH Built-in Oven (3600 W, 71 L) HBG672BS1A
BOSCH Built-in Oven (3600 W, 71 L) HBG672BS1A

Built-in Oven (3600 W, 71 L) HBG672BS1A

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Product specification
  • Type: BUILT-IN oven
  • Size (cm): 60
  • Capacity (liters): 71
  • Maximum power (watts): 3600


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About the Product

Product Details

Bosch Enjoy cooking With a design that adds charm to your kitchen.

Oven that is more than an oven: Self-cleaning oven
Wiping the oven is a waste of time and waste. Say goodbye to such burdens with our new generation oven that comes with Pyrolysis. The self-cleaning function is built-in. No need to wipe your own hands. And do not use chemicals to clean, just press the Start button and the oven will heat up to 480 ? C (depending on the degree of dirt) and cause food particles or existing grease to burn down Leaving only a little ash that can be easily removed The oven is not only a device for creating delicious food. But also easy to clean as well

Cook and bake food at all levels to thoroughly cook.
Properly distributed heat inside the oven is what determines whether the food will come out delicious or disappointing. Especially when cooking many types of food on multiple shelves at the same time Fans and vents 4D system HotAir helps heat dissipate around the food thoroughly at all times Guarantee that the food will come out perfectly Regardless of cooking only one dish or several dishes on multiple shelves at the same time

  • 4D Hot Air: Regularly cooked food on every shelf Regardless of placing food on any floor
  • AutoPilot 10: 10 automatic programs
  • TFT display control: Easy operation with control ring with full text display and vivid color symbols.
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning: automatic cleaning system Remove stains in the baking room to become ash and wipe off.
  • Energy efficiency class A +: Energy saving A + level according to European standards

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